No expansion talk this summer....lets change that.


While I was looking into some of your favorite games from 2013-2014, I was able to watch NDSU vs KSU (it's a good game) and while I was watching it I thought to my self; Why aren't they in FBS? which lead me to; Which conference would they play for? which led me to; Why not our conference? which lead me to; ....but who would we get rid of? Well, lets start with who we should add:

Northern Illinois: Huskies

All time record (ATR): 547-465-51

Stadium capacity (SC): 24K

Conference titles (CT): 11

Students (S): 25K

Graduate Programs (GP): 17

-Why it makes sense:

Northern Illinois is a very attractive team to play, even if BSU does a home/home with them. They also had a Hiesman nominee in 2012 and 2013, and had a 12 game win streak at home but lost their last two games. They are constantly putting NFL talent in Huskie Stadium with 11 current NFL players from NIU. The huskies are constant contenders for the MAC championship and should add deep talent in our division if they ever join.

North Dakota State University: Bison

All time record: 665-369-34

Stadium capacity: 19K

Conference titles: 30.

National Titles (NT): 11

Student enrollment: 15K

Graduate programs: 128

-Why it makes sense:

The Bison have had a lush, fruitful history in the sport of football. They have been on ESPN thanks to the FCS playoff system. They have beaten the past 4 FBS opening season opponents who were; Kansas (2010), Minnesota (2011), Colorado State (2012), Kansas State (2013). They have a history of NFL footprints past and present at 12 and they have a huge fan base that travels well. North Dakota is just on the other side of Wyoming, so its a regional rivalry that can be shown to be fruitful.

University of Montana: Girzzlies

All time record: 547-475-26

Stadium Capacity: 25K

Conference Titles: 18

National Titles: 2

Students enrolled: 15,000

-Why it makes sense:

-Montana is yet another school like NDSU where they have a large fan base, and have travelled well from the treasure state. They are just north of BSU so a regional rivalry could form (since the vandals aren't putting much of a fight) as well as one with Wyoming. They have 13 current alumni in the NFL. instead of going north to fight Kill the vandals we can head north in familiar land and take on the Grizzlies. They have one of the biggest stadiums in FCS and would be a top contender for a MWC title adding strength to our division and the conference

I would love to see some of these teams regularly on the Blue.I didn't add BYU for obvious reasons, but I do think in some future we can see these teams on the blue. In 2004 The University of Temple was told that the Big East Conference was terminating their membership. Could the MWC terminate a school due to poor attendance and performance? Which team would you remove? maybe SJSU? Wyoming? Hawaii?

Notable schools I thought of adding but had too many cons:

Eastern Washington University (EWU): A true red vs blue halo rivalry would be born

University of Houston: A footprint into Texas could show recruits what were all about

Montana State (MSU): good regional rivalry

Southern Methodist University (SMU): footprint in Texas, Craig James beat down bowl

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