Summer Wish List.

Greetings my fellow Nuggies. Just wanted to bring a few football topics up for discussion that in an off-season of rigorous political debates, have been overlooked. With fall camp a little more then a month away, here is my last minute pre-season wish-list:

1.) Land the local big fish.

It's not every year you have a top-shelf juggernaut like Tristan Hoge grow up in the shadow of Bronco Albertsons Stadium. While I haven't read any news on whether Coach Harsin was able to speak with Hoge on his state tour, one would have to believe it was high on the list of priorities. Last year we lost Don Hill to U$C, it would be a shame to see Hoge depart without a fight.

While the Boise State brand of football (with the exception of last year) has always been "the whole is greater then the sum of its parts," recruiting still matters. Our coaches have an uphill battle against the PAC 12 made only more difficult by the new band of naysaying expatriates now residing in Puget Sound. Now winning games is always important in the recruiting battles. Last year, our new coaches were able to pull a quality class in the 11th hour on energy alone. This year, a strong showing will be paramount in defending our recruiting foothold against schools from the power 5 conferences and might be enough to pull a stud like Hoge back to the Blue.

2.) Go after Boyko.

In the wake of UNLV's post season ban for failing to meet NCAA minimum APR standards, it is my understanding that players have been given carte blanche to transfer wherever without losing a season of eligibility and would be allowed to play immediately. Boyko, a consensus preseason All Mountain West 1st teamer at OT, would fill an incredible need for us. It would also give young (and promising) Lewis and McCullough more time to develop before being thrown into the fire.

I would think that it would be a pretty easy sell for the 6'7" Canadian. Let's see... immediate starting spot, win a bunch of games (always fun), great shot at a major Bowl, NFL pipeline, closer to home, hunting and fishing galore, etc. Hopefully the luster of Vegas and losing have begun to wear off. If Coach Harsin could convince the big guy to make the trek north to greener pastures, we could have a legitimate chance at running the table this season.

3.) Appeal Deuce's ineligibility.

2 years now, really? When you're more likely to see a player receive a smaller suspension for sexual assault, forgery, or stealing a lap top, then for an apparent academic issue while attending a JC, something is very wrong. Maybe there is much more to this story, but 2 years? C'mon man!

In last season's bowl game, we made the Beavers look like Bama, running the ball all over our D-line and completely owning the line of scrimmage. Mind you, this was the 11th best (2nd worst) rushing team in the PAC 12. Deuce has the chops to be a 2-year centerpiece in the trenches for us. He, along with a heftier Nance, stronger Perez, and healthier (non-plantar fasciitis having) Martin, could help transition our D-line from a weakness to the strength of our defense.

Insults, differing opinions, added insight welcome :-)

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