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Yes, it’s very slow out there, but the blog is active with relative degrees of insanity, and I find it an amusing site to visit periodically. Some musings:

As you may have heard, one of their assistant coaches (tight ends coach Al Pupunu) was recently arrested at his home and charged with battery by the Moscow police for allegedly knocking a teenager unconscious. The blog’s manager exercised his executive fiat and closed down the thread relating to the incident (similar to moving other uncomplimentary topics to the virtual desert). Fine. But here’s the laugher:

Sweet God we have had a run of bad luck with this football program. I blame Kustra!!!

There are few threads on that blog that do not regularly have a reference to Boise State, and so many Vandull fans seem to draw sustenance by disparaging their larger and more successful neighbor to the south. (Personally, I believe it’s a form of anatomical envy.)

But there also seems to be a rather peculiar delusion among many of those unwashed folk. I have read comments on more than one thread that they believe most Bronco fans are "fair weather," and cannot be considered to be true supporters of the athletic program since they never enrolled as students at Boise State. In contrast, the inference (advanced by the alcohol-impaired Northern Tribalists) is that all Vandull fans matriculated at dUI, and, therefore, are somehow more worthy as human beings, a definite cut above the uneducated interlopers who fill Albertsons (nee Bronco) Stadium.

It seems obvious to this observer that people from all corners of the country just seem to like the Broncos. They’re a successful and fun team to watch, and, for some, they have the reputation of being Everyman’s team. It is understandable that dUI would be jealous of that reputation–very few, if any, football fans outside of the state of Idaho would choose to adopt the Vandulls because they’re a decent team. "Vandulls" and "decent" are an oxymoron. It might help if the team could win more than one or two games a year, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. So, of course, all of their fans probably attended (or had a family member who attended) that ill-fated institution on the Palouse. Most sane folks don’t choose a team to follow simply because they enjoy watching losers.

According to that line of reasoning, and to carry the delusion even further, those Vandulls would not accept a Green Bay Packers fan as being true unless that person had planted themselves at Lambeau Field during a blizzard and sacrificed a digit or two to frostbite. After all, how could someone in Florida possibly be a real Packers fan if they never even set foot north of the Mason-Dixon Line? The dUI litmus test to define a "true" fan is as empty and meaningless as the journalism degree awarded to Mama Grizzly.

As I said, there are relative degrees of insanity on that blog. Inhabiting the more lucid wing of the asylum are those who predict as many as two Vandull football victories this season. Those people acknowledge that the Sun Belt Conference is the weakest among FBS schools, but two victories would double last year’s total. Then there are some who get downright giddy over predictions of five wins, and one of the moderators (who obviously has visited across the border to purchase some of that good stuff that’s now legal in Washington) says they will go undefeated.

I almost find pity in my heart for them. Almost. But it is difficult for me to be compassionate towards arrogant beings who refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem, who, instead, blame others for their woes. No. It isn’t Dr. Kustra’s fault. It isn’t the fault of the State Board, or the legislature, or Boise and southern Idaho.

It’s the fault of the mirrors on their walls.

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