The Poop Scoop: Reno Edition




Now that we've added that chip to the already gaping crevasse on our shoulder after the fresno game, we can commence with our gameplan. Most of Nevada's players are nobodies with protected tweets, so I've only included some. Get the poop scoop on Nevada & let's Attack the Pack!

1 Marqueze Coleman @MarquezeColeman



"Mark wees on the floor?! Gross!"

You won't get much out of his twitter account because Eezy Queze protects his tweets, and wisely so. Nobody gets to 17,600 tweets without putting some serious BS out there, but some things are probably better left to the imagination anyway. He's coming off an eye injury sustained in practice that resulted in cataract surgery, so be gentle. Students might want to bring their plastic glasses from the UNLV game to offer him in case he forgets his...he'll be bewildered enough by the roar of our fantastic crowd as it is.



2 Jerry Evans, Jr. @JEJ_2



Utah State doesn't have a monopoly on the criminal justice catch-and-release program, as Junior was arrested last September after failing to appear in court- after being arrested in May on Contempt of Court charge, after some unpaid traffic tickets. It's all very confusing, but you can find the details here. Earn heckler points by getting on his case about how he can't drive, our D is on him like a jumpsuit, the only shot he's got is a mugshot, looks like he failed to appear on court again...are you picking up what I'm putting down, here?

3 AJ West @AccessDeniedNYC



He wants you to call him Access Denied. I want you to loudly call him that every time our guys box him out, block his shot, etc. Turns out he likes to run his mouth and even the meager Wyoming crowd got him riled up. Test his mental toughness by pointing and laughing whenever he goes to the line for a free throw. Also, he looks like Bruno Mars, famous for starring in an episode of To Catch A Predator and then writing songs about it.

4 Chris Brown @Xclusive44



"is your man on the floor? If he ain't, let me know. Lemme see if you can run it, run it"

He's probably not going to get much playing time, but he doesn't care because, according to twitter. he'd rather you follow Jesus anyway. After all, that's who he believes we have to thank for Spongebob not getting cancelled. Personally, I don't believe God hates me that much, but to each their own. He thinks "hell hath no fury like the Spectrum" so he is ripe for a baptism by fire in the Bell Diablo.

10 Stelios Papafloratos @spapafloratosd

No, I did not just have a stroke, but thanks for your concern. Papafloratos is a real name, although I asked a Greek what it meant and they didn't even know. Stelios is young and his name his bigger than his frame, so he will likely spend most of his time on the bench trying (and failing) to beat Anthony Drmic's Flappy Bird score.

24 Deonte Burton

This guy is pretty OK at basketball, which is why he just doesn't belong. I personally would like to sing "One of these things is not like the others" while the Reno Zeros are warming up. It's really important that we get amped up every single time he gets any momentum. A rowdy student section can make even the greatest player feel and play small, something I've seen happen multiple times this season.

Don't forget to honor the Seniors!

Bropleh, Watkins, and Elorriaga have brought a tremendous amount of zest to this program. They're great people, fun to watch, and each have been instrumental in tough wins. They will be missed, and I will always remember them as the first of many great generations of Rice recruits. A couple things I'd like to see tonight:

-A standing ovation and thunderous rendition of the fight song

- Fans catch on to the "Broopleh, Bropleh Bropleh Broplehh" chant to the tune of the Ole soccer chant.

-Finger guns for 3lorriaga, chants of "Hero Elo"

-Arena makes the Watkins 'W' with hands, chant "Rebound Ryno" when the situation merits it

-The unforgettable sound of a defeaning Taco Bell Arena that will give them goosebumps for a lifetime.

Get it? Got it? GOOD! Go Broncos!

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