UNLV Spiciness Rating

Congratulations, Bronco Nation! Your volume, stamina, and energy have earned you a spiciness rating of Pepper Spray!



Now, I know y'all had some quiet moments in the first half- you're only human, after all- but when Boise State needed you, you were there. I'll admit, I was very disappointed in the attendance & substance of the first 25 mins of regulation against UNM , but it seems as though these two hard fought wins are beginning to remove all doubt from fans who may have stayed home otherwise & that is very encouraging to see. This is history in the making, but history does take time. In the future, as recruits, gameplanning, and attendance improves, we will have to answer the call to up the ante. We'll need to be as impeccably dressed as in football and the Corral will have to find more creative ways to make an impact. But for right here, right now, this is perfect. I remember the days when my dad would take me and my brother, and we would have an entire section to ourselves. We would win or lose close games to the Vandals, and he would tell us that someday soon, the Vandals would eat our dust and we would be ranked. We have already accomplished half of that, and the rest isn't too far off. Our " 07 Fiesta Bowl" is coming. Don't blink or you might miss it.

Some things to work on next time:

  • The color scheme for Saturday was supposed to be striped. Even the student section managed to mess this up, as they wore less orange than any game thus far. Senior Night against the Reno Unmentionables is going to be an Orange-Out for everyone. Let's prove to the marketing department that they are right to shed the kid gloves when it comes to color schemes at the Taco.

  • Don't lose the excitement during a timeout. It's not uncommon for a visiting coach to burn a timeout after a big play that signifies a momentum shift, so make sure to limit its benefits. Timeouts are no help if the team can't hear their coach. Once section 6 trades in the iron lungs for lungs of steel, we'll manage the kind of deafening TO's that will make earplug manufacturers send us thank you notes. If you can do it at Senior Step Aerobics, you can probably rumble the stands... Just kidding, don't eat me alive. Although when I am 100 I will def be kicking it over there with my season tickets and a sign that says "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU! NO REALLY- WE TURNED OFF OUR HEARING AIDS."

  • Work on some original flavors. Let's send Watkins and Bropleh out on Senior Night with as much magic as they brought to our team. You've got until March 5 to come up with a clever sign to support these guys. Don't forget to put your hands up in the Watkins 'W' and do the "Bropleh" chant to the tune of "Ole." Elorriaga deserves at least a chant of "HERO ELO" or the finger guns people have started putting up for him this year- something I'd like to see them do for the Marksman next season. If I could wish for anything to show these Broncos how much we appreciate what they have done to turn this program around, it would be for a standing ovation and the rumble of thousands of fans belting out the fight song. Think about it. It would be a spine-tingling thing to experience, and it would bring a depth of tradition we have not yet cemented as a fanbase. Get on it, Bronco Nation, and I'll see you rocking the Taco for our last home win of the season!

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