Boise State Football National Rankings

OBNUG is in its usual winter hibernation phase right now, so I thought it might be a good time to catch up on reading about our favorite football program. The Spring Game is still 55 days off (April 12), and we have some long weeks of winter remaining before climbing out of our caves to amp up for the gridiron orange and blue. (Go, hardcourt orange and blue!)

Nosing around on the Internet for information, I ran across this older piece of must-read literature for all members of Bronco Nation. If there are any out there who still question whether the glory days of Bronco football are behind us, I would mutely point to this fact-filled publication and let it speak for itself.

Many of you are familiar with the media guides published by the BSU athletic department, but I would guess that there are still many more who have never seen one. This particular edition was released prior to the 2013 Hawaii Bowl (shudder), and its information is, therefore, dated--but I believe you will find its 86 pages to be a wealth of statistics, profiles, and highlights that will aid you in future bar bets and that will pump you up for the Boise State Tradition, which is, of course, simply WINNING. Attack the Future!

The Boise State Football 2013 Postseason Media Guide:

Click Here

(Be patient--it's a huge PDF.)

I found it particularly interesting--and gratifying, to be boastful--to read about the Bronco football program's national standings in several statistical categories. You can peruse them in their entirety in the Guide, but here are the highlights. I also found it interesting to note that Oklahoma is right there behind us in several categories, so they're included here, too. Build a fire, pop a cold one, turn off the Olympics, and snuggle up for some great reading.

National Conference Winning Percentage (2000-Present)

1. Boise State, 99-9, .917

2. Oklahoma, 99-22, .818

National Overall Winning Percentage (2000-Present)

1. Boise State, 155-25, .861

2. Oklahoma, 152-34, .817

Wins by West Coast Teams (2000-Present)

1. Boise State, 155 (Guess which unnamed purple team is not even in the top 10?)

Winningest FBS Programs of ALL TIME

1. Michigan, 910-320-36, .733

2. Notre Dame, 871-305-42, .732

3. Boise State, 396-152-2, .722

4. Oklahoma, 841-312-53, .719

National Home Winning Percentage (2000-Present)

1. Boise State, 85-4, .955

2. Oklahoma, 81-5, .942

Highest Scoring Teams (2000-Present)

1. Boise State, 180 games, 7,260 points, 40.33 avg

2. Oregon, 177 games, 6,623 points, 37.42 avg

3. Oklahoma, 186 games, 6,844 points, 36.80 avg

Of course, these stats do not reflect our loss in the 2013 Hawaii Bowl, but I don't believe that will skew the records. Please also note that, of the highest scoring teams, Boise State is UNDEFEATED against both the No. 2 and No. 3 teams.

Happy reading, Nuggies. Let's generate some comments. #ATF

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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