Corral: Get the Poop Scoop on UNM

I posted four days ago on the decent work vs. SDSU. I believe the battle against the Lobos will be even more gritty, so we'll need some extra juice coming from the stands. I've got some easy tips for fans as well as the scoop on New Mexico's poop. Enjoy.

1.Everyone needs to be in black-it's better to wear a non-BSU black shirt than a non-black BSU shirt.

2.Everyone under 60 needs to be on their feet. Everyone old enough to purchase tickets needs to be prepared to belt out the fight song and set a good example for their neighbors.

Boise State Fight Song (via Boise State Broncos)

3.If you are seated behind the hoop, know that you are given the sacred responsibility of distracting UNM's free throw shooters. While the tradition is generally to make a mess of noise and arm waving, this is scientifically proven to be ineffective. What works best is something that is a visual or auditory disruption, such as silence followed by a loud clap or a choreographed arm movement, such as everyone waving from side to side. You can pour on the pressure psychologically by pointing and laughing at the shooter. In the back of his mind, he can't help but wonder why. The best time to make a loud noise, such as a scream or unified clap, is the moment right after the shooter has set up their shot and begins to propel the ball upward. Any sort of flinching reaction or even a split-second look away from the hoop can have disastrous consequences for their FT %. It is better to have one voice pierce the silence than to have uniformity in flat noise. Consider the wrecking ball distraction at UNC, or the brave Boise State fan who bared his chest at SDSU during a quiet moment and sang Lady GaGa's "Do what you want, what you want with my body" lyric. Both resulted in tremendous bricks, and while fan antics in those cases can't be proven to be a causal quantity, it certainly doesn't hurt to try them anyways.

The Poop

This is Craig Neal. After a professional career in paper at Dunder Mifflin, he now coaches for UNM. His other pastimes include serving as Mayor of Whoville and working as a hotel busboy.



This is his lovely wife, Janet. A busy basketball mom, she (allegedly) spends her spare time assaulting school superintendents and working to bring awareness to sufferers of BRF. (Warning, BW's in embedded video)



And this is their charming son, Cullen Neal.



While he is most well known for his portrayal of Phil DeVille on The Rugrats, his favorite Nickelodeon show is actually Spongebob Squarepants, which he tweets about almost as regularly as his desire to finally have a girlfriend. Any girlfriend. ASAP. He even resorted to blowing kisses at the entire Wyoming student section, probably out of sheer desperation. There are almost too many juicy nuggets to mine here. Think chants like "Daddy's Boy," "Mommy's Temper," "Not Your Father," and "Sullen Neal" as the situation merits. I would love to see the students blow kisses at him every time he exits or returns to the bench.

Meet Hugh Greenwood.



He's a Tassie, which I think is kind of like an Aussie except the Tasmanian kind. Tassie Tassie Tassie! No No No!

Hugh's chances of making Cosmopolitan's Hottest Men of March Madness this year have been greatly diminished by a nasty eye injury sustained at SJSU. It shouldn't affect his play, although the thought of getting bumped off Cosmo's list probably will. Hugh & Drmic definitely go way back as per this Geoff Grammer article:

"Drmic and I, we had a real love-hate relationship back at the institute," Greenwood said. "We were so competitive. We probably fought more than anyone back at the institute. He’d find anything to throw at me. He’d throw his drink bottle at me, his heart rate monitor, we’d always be going at it.

"At one point, we lived together and I put him through a wall once. It was after practice. We got back to our room and got into a fight and I put him through one of our walls. It cost our parents a couple hundred bucks to fix it." Seems like Drmic won't have much trouble drawing the foul.

Then there's Cameron Bairstow, who was a major factor in our annihilation at the Pit.



I'm not really sure what is going on with this team's hair, but if there are any barbers looking for work, you'll find it cut out for you in Albuquerque.

I still don't know what to think about this weird aussie trash talk between Cam and Iggy. Maybe someone else can do something with that. Bairstow is a force to be reckoned with, so we'll need to point out any shortcoming early and often. I also think it would be funny to sing "Sunshiine, Sunshiiine" at him, like in Remember the Titans.

That brings us to Alex Kirk:



UNM's Ginger Giant is "day to day" as far as his leg injury goes. Neal said at one point that the boot he was wearing was a precautionary measure, so no one is really sure what is going on there- perhaps a spell gone awry at The Burrow? It's safe to say that he may still be walking gingerly.

You'll likely see more of Kendall Williams than you want to on the court. I don't know much about him except that he was committed to UCLA in 09 and they pulled his scholarship due to concerns about his behavior on the court. It wouldn't hurt to remind a cold or underperforming Kendall that UCLA may have been smart to abandon him.

That's all I've got for tonight, but feel free to contribute in the comments. Can't wait to see you all as we black out in the Taco Wednesday!

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