Monday Offense Analysis (in pictures)

With the new offense being installed I was interested to get a little deeper into what was happening on the big touchdown plays from this weekends game (now that they scored a touchdown). The big plays were certainly there on Saturday and analyzing these video clips helps me a lot with slowing things down to see what is actually going on. These plays worked well as Tenn-Mart was a little over matched, however these plays were executed very well by the offense. Getting SWR in space and getting Jay Ajayi headed down field are key to this offense clicking. Here is a little lunchtime analysis to chew on. As the season goes on I expect the offense to get smoother which will be key as better Defenses (BYU) come into town. Feel free to add anything in comments. Thanks All!! Go Broncos!!

Id like to thank MS Paint, Print Screen, and the my improving drawing skills.


SWR 30 Yard Touchdown

Pretty simple play it looks like here. I am not sure if Joe had an audible to change things up at the line.

Aaron Burks? lined up on the outside up top simply steps down and sets a pick off the line of scrimmage and effectively takes out 3 defenders (2 DBS's and LB all cheating inside) allowing SWR to run a little wheel route up the sideline. Watching the video Joe threw a perfect over the shoulder throw to hit SWR in stride for the touchdown.


SWR 15 Yard Touchdown Part 1

Joe has two options here. Swing it out to Kirby (down low) or SWR (up top). Boldewijn sets a block on the DB lined up on SWR and the center and guard let their guys through and block upfield on the MLB and other DB. part 2 below.


SWR 15 Yard Touchdown Part 2

This play comes out clean, balls in the air, and there are 3 blockers for 3 defenders up top. Joe swings it out to SWR who with his athleticism has a pretty easy ride into the endzone. Option #2 at the bottom has Kirby Moore available as well. The key here is getting those guys off the line and downfield quickly to set up those blocks.


Jay Ajayi 11 Yard Touchdown Run

This is a good look at that read/option/pistol whatever you want to call it offense. Joe has three options after the snap. Handoff to Jay, Keep It (please no), and a swing out to the flat. This play looks well covered to me as the there are two defenders that crash the left side. However they both run to Joe and right past Jay who gets the ball. Good read by Joe, an OLine seal to the right and a weak block downfield by the TE help get Jay into the endzone.


2nd Jay Ajayi 11 Yard Touchdown

Another look at the zone read/pistol offense. SWR motions to the backfield on a reverse and Joe has three options again. Handoff/Keep/pitchto SWR. The end crashed to the outside (who gets blocked by the FB) which Joe reads and gives the ball to Jay who runs off Right Tackle to break some arm tackles and and gets into the endzone. Option #2 if that DEnd comes unblocked the pitch to SWR is wide open for an easy walk into the endzone.

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