Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-8-13

Otto Kitsinger III

The Magic Valley Times-News is OBNUG's camper of the day

Not since the halcyon days of Dustin Lapray has Twin Falls' No. 1 news source been so replete with Boise State practice information. There are photo galleries, press conferences transcripts, and a Twitter stream full of practice details.

Enjoy it before Max Corbet shuts it down.

Someone printed everything you've ever thought about Geraldo Boldewijn

Speaking of how much I like the Magic Valley Times-News, you should get a load of their profile of Geraldo Boldewijn. Nick Ruland is just saying what everyone else is thinking.

"I think (Geraldo Boledwijn and Aaron Burks) are getting there," Chris Petersen said. "Last year they did a good job of taking a step and it doesn't happen overnight."

But it doesn't normally take five years, either.

Boom, roasted.

Who needs defensive linemen?

Hopefully not Boise State because the Broncos have even fewer of them now. From the department of old news, projected defensive tackle starter Deuce Mataele is out with an academics, leaving Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and a bunch of 280-pound vapors to fill the usual four-man DT rotation. Maybe the Broncos will run more 3-4 this season, if the practice rumors are true. Don't shut me down, Max Corbet!

Note: The D-line did just fine for itself yesterday.

Nick Patti alert!

From the Times-News, of course:

Practice notes: Redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Patti was nearly flawless in the team portion of newcomers practice Wednesday, completing all but a couple of passes. He was also pinpoint in seven-on-seven drills after struggling the first two days. He routinely delivered strikes on sideline patterns beyond 10 yards.

Bold predictions by CBS Sports

Boise State will once again get the best of Fresno State during the regular season, but the Bulldogs will get the last laugh with an upset victory over the Broncos in the inaugural Mountain West Championship Game.

You crazy, CBS Sports.

The Seattle Times won't let Steve Sarkisian get away with this

For those of you born in the 1990s, the Seattle Times is a newspaper and newspapers sometimes hold people accountable, kinda like a TMZ but inky.

D.J. Harper is America's greatest success story

I have good news and bad news for you, D.J. Harper. The good news is that you are tearing it up at 49ers camp and could even make the roster. The bad news is that you would have to share a backfield with Colin Kapernick, and he might hate you. Good luck getting him to hand off a read-option to you.

(HT: intergalactic)

ETC: Fatberg, dead ahead! ... Hey guys, I found a way to make the Pro Bowl more entertaining ... Humans are something else ... That dog.

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