Why the Broncos are Still Underdogs

The Dogs' Offensive Power

Time to put your Underdog Caps on again, Bronco Nation. This Saturday’s match-up will be against an upper-tier PAC-10 PAC-12 team. Let us not forget the PAC-12 is one of the nation's premier conferences and attracts top talent like flies to honey.

The Dogs have better talent than us, are healthier than they were last year, have instituted a new up-tempo style of play to maximize their Quarterback's abilities, and are playing in their freshly renovated multi-cazillion dollar home stadium. Given their talent, their health, their offense, and their home field advantage, they should beat us... by a lot.

Here's 10 Reasons why this year's Dogs should take a big bite out of our Boys in Blue on Saturday:

1. Home Field Advantage

a. Opening Day of Newly Renovated Stadium

b. Fans will be in a frenzy - like, a big frenzy

2. Something to Prove

a. Lost Final 2 Games of 2012 campaign

b. Seek revenge against team they lost to in Bowl Game

c. Emotion is huge at the college level

d. Will be going 110 MPH – all game

3. New Up-tempo Offense

a. Should wear down our depth on defense, which is usually one of our strengths

b. Price shouldn’t turn ball over without the opportunity to think about things too much

4. Rushing

a. Sankey destroyed us. We all remember that.

b. Callier – last year’s presumptive starter – is back after a season-ending injury

c. Our tackling has not been our strength of late

d. Opening Day Tackling – for any team – is usually poor anyhow

5. Quarterbacking

a. Dogs finally have a Healthy Offensive Line, which was expected to be one of their strengths last season

b. Line should allow Price time to find receivers

6. Coach Sark Has His Guys and His System in Place

a. His 5th Season

b. His team is almost entirely his guys

c. Coaching Continuity - little turnover

7. Familiarity with Our System

a. Wilcox 2nd year as DC

b. Just played us; know our strengths and weaknesses – minimizes our usual coaching advantage

8. Dogs are Much Better than last year’s record indicates, when they:

a. Beat 2 Top 10 teams (Oregon State; Stanford)

b. Blew 18-point lead to Washington State. Huh?

c. Lost to us in Bowl Game after losing lead in final minutes

d. Could have easily been 8-4 and ranked in Top 20 this year

9. Player punishments will occur off the field; Huskies will be full strength

a. Expect to see stars Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams playing all 4 quarters

b. Though not official, do not expect to see them sitting on the sideline

10. Sankey & Price (just to repeat the obvious)

Let the insults discussion begin...

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