UPDATE! YES!!!! We Can Send Drew to BSU Football Games!

Dear OBNUGers,

"I know I'll get them again someday, but cost of living AND tickets rising through downturn. It's gonna hurt." I read this line on Twitter yesterday. Once I slogged through all the # and @ signs, it was apparent that our Drew Roberts (@mybrainissmart) was not able to renew his football tickets. We need to join forces and change this situation.

Have you checked out the Countdown? Enjoyed the Nicknames, the Completely Made Up Fact, Look-A-Like, Prospectus, Stats.....the list of cool bits of information and creativity? Have you enjoyed reading Drew's articles? Of course you have, and that's why you keep coming back to OBNUG, checking out what's new about 12 times a day.

And now we face the prospect of our OBNUG Reporter not being able to attend the home games. That makes no sense to me. It makes sense that someone with a young family and another baby on the way is most likely counting the dollars quite carefully. But what doesn't make sense is that we fans are able to read Drew's work, and work it surely is, without having to contribute a single dime.

Sure, we have to look at adult diaper ads and are forced to stare down beautiful busty women in bikinis, but if you stay focused, you can read OBNUG at your leisure. You are reading Drew's humor, insight, analysis, and reaping the rewards of his time and effort.

Would you consider contributing some $$ to the Send Drew to BSU Games Fund?

I'm starting this drive with $50. TDown is in, too. You don't have to do $50.-You can send whatever you can afford and know that it will not be squandered. We all know that finances for many are really tough right now. But if you are one of the few that is comfortable within your means, and you enjoy the hours of free entertainment you get from reading OBNUG, please consider donating. It may not be a Press Pass, but it just might be the next best thing.

OBNUG needs us to step up. I have no idea how to get my $50 check to Drew, other than to email him and ask for his snail mail address. If you have a bright idea on how to get this mission accomplished, please comment. If snail mail is the only way, then we need to get our $$ to Drew by August 23rd so he can rush down to the Ticket Office and put his OBNUG money down. Well?????


Yes, with Drew's humble yet thankful permission, he is letting me post his address/Paypal. His response was very appreciative and includes the commitment that someday he will help others out who may be in similar circumstances.

So, it is. Please think about how the Countdown lightened your dark days back in May and June and July and August, in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009,.... and all the other literary gifts Drew has bestowed upon us.

Address for snail mail: 8273 W. Marcum St., Boise, ID 83704


Thank you! Go Broncos and Go OBNUG!

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