What is a Munson'd?

Alright everybody,

After much frustration I decided to do some research to understand what the heck everyone means when they say Munson'd. It shows up at least once very couple of threads and I was dying to know. Before actual research, this is is similar to what I thought of when I saw Munson'd:


Now On to my research! When I typed "Munson'd" into the web search, it came up with a fellow named Thurman Munson.


He was a catcher for the New York Yankees (an outstanding one I might add) He was the only Yankee to receive both the rookie of the year award and most valuable player, and with a mustache like that, can there be any limits to greatness? I submit that there can not!

...Unfortunately I was wrong and there are limits. This Munson died at the age of 32 while practicing landing his plane. So my search continued on for this Munson, which landed me relatively close to Thurman the mustache'd Munson. My next idea was to search Obnug. so I typed Munson into the search and decided to go back to the furthest possible Munson I could find. That landed me at a fellow obnugger named tmunson:


I was thinking tmunson, Thurman Munson, must be a connection! Well... no relation (at least I don't think) I decided to read through a few of tmunson's posts and found his (or her... we will stick with him for now) posts to be pretty Interesting (or whatever adjective you prefer.) So this term Munson'd must be connected with him I decided.

The next thing I found on Munson'd was a post in the Urban dictionary that defined Munson'd!!! it was submitted by Mikrino, which I believe is a Obnugger. the definition is;

-A phrase used on blogs to indicate excessive typos or grammatical errors in one's post. Orginated at in reference to blog member, tmunson.

Here is the link in case you want to see it yourself, Urban dictionary link

This put me on the right track! The more I read, the more I saw the misspelled words! Alas! I had an understanding of Munson'd!!!

Before finishing this post, I found out the reason we haven't heard from tmunson here on OBNUG, I am sure most of you know, but if you don't, tmunson was diagnosed with cancer and passed away July of 2012. In his obituary it spoke of his love for the Bronco's and for OBNUG. While I didn't know tmunson or get to converse with him in the comment sections, I can respect any guy who's dedication to Boise State is put in his obituary.

Not only that, but it's prety cool that his name will contineu heare on OBUNG.



If there are any other uses for the word Munson'd, please make them known in the comments.

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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