Ron Burhgandy's Feature Article: I Once Lived In Seattle, WA (MMQB) Early Addition

BSU is going to Seattle and playing the Washington Huskies on August 31 ,2013. I once lived there and "worked" off of Lake Union for a while. Husky stadium was in earshot of my humble abode at the Gas Works park area. So using my outdoor life skills, I write this column about what BSU fans should be keen on while visiting Seattle, before and after the "Game", and plan your Seattle vacation around these tips.

10 Tips and a Plus Package To Seattle, The Official Trip Planner:

Tip # 1: Stay at the Issaquah, Wa exit and find a motel that serves breakfast as part of the motel stay. I did, you just walk in like you are a guest, and help yourself to breakfast. At least I slept in the the Motel Parking Lot in Station Channel 5's bus, where it entitled me for a free breakfast. Matt got kicked out for yelling "Go Broncos" at motel guest. Shaking his fist was a bad move, plus it was on a Wednesday in March.

Head Straight in on I-90 and find the stadium exit, I-5 North after leaving Issaquah. If you have to rent a "room" just out of town, its cheaper than renting Seattle's park benches. Look for traffic signs they can help if you are lost.

Issaquah WA Exit sign! Look sharp you can walk right past it.

Tip# 2: Show up on August 30, so you can watch them toss fish at Pike's Place Market. You might get lucky and catch something else if you wander around the area long enough.

Blue and Orange Baby!

Tip# 3: About the ferries in Seattle, They have them there too and they aren't gay! Even though everybody says ferries are gay, I don't believe it. "Stay Classy Seattle!"

Blue and Orange Baby!

Tip# 4 : Okay, where the Broncos are going play is Washington Stadium, and you need an imagination as to where you are going to sit. The "Channel 5 "Down By The River Broadcast Both" Can be seen in this photo! I am floating a rumor that it will be nearer to lake Washington than the fifty yard line.

Tip # 5: The Space Needle is where you can get all you diabetics supplies in Seattle they have so many needles laying on the ground there, free for the taking. "Keep it Classy Seattle!"

Blue and Orange Baby!

Tip # 6 : Zoos, they have nothing but animals here, I never did get it, since its such a nice place to play and stay, and those animals keep me up all night screaming and belching out inhuman sounds. I couldn't even find a free meal.

Husky Polar Bear Can't hang onto the ball.

Tip # 7: Game outcome rains over Seattle's Skyline a with Blue and Orange downpour from Bronco Nation.

Tip # 8: I used to ride the metro buses everyday to get to and from work near Gas Works Park. Use that service for getting arounds Seattle. You can go everywhere over and over again until they roust you out of the Bus when it returns to its maintenance shed at 2 am for cleaning and service. The downside, they don't have any Bronco buses. My old pass was $31 a month in 1980. I don't know what a one day pass cost, but less than the 1980 $31.

Yellow paint is used for the Bronco Game, Go Blue!

Tip # 9: Buy an Orca E-Pass for $5. It covers a to and from the game ride possibly near your hotel. This requires extra work studying routes and time and getting a pass, but you will save by not driving a car, parking free at the motel, and missing lousy traffic conditions, because buses have lanes they can travel that cars don't.

Its Blue and somewhat Orange. $5 Buys two rides for a there and back fare.

Tip # 10: "Sleeping Less, In Seattle", is a Joy. Park benches are favorites for Husky fans, they mark their spots with purple Husky ribbons. A place for them to crash before and after the game. I had a favorite spot near Gas Works Park not far from Huskyland.

Husky Sleeping Less In Seattle marks the spot with Purple Ribbon.

Tip Trip Bonus: "Gas Works Park" is a place to dance, jump and run in with your children. Nestled in a picturesque location on lake Union, you could live there, I did until I moved downtown into a condo type cell for six months, before leaving for San Diego's Black's Beach (Is Another story that someone made a documentary of me under the Alias of Ron Burgundy).

My home at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA. Boy those maintenance guys aren't keeping it painted. It had a peeling white color back in the day. Now its organic natural rust, those Seattle Hippies can't let it go. The fence is not hard to climb, but it was installed as a tetanus barrier for kids.

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