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The feedback was over-whelming from last weeks mast head reporting. I had some contributors who reminded me I'm not in San Diego. Thanks! I also found out from my new boss is Matt Foley, Station Manager of Orange and Blue Station 5, I scored another "Boise State First Down, Fame", and I landed the Orange and Blue Channel 5 sports desk in the Bronco National Stadium, Down-by-The-River. The team, BSU Broncos practice in a barn type building Down-by-The-River. My first interview will be held in the Mile High Stueckle Sky Center, Down-by-The-River. Matt Foley will have his main news desk, Down-by-The-River. I'm trying really hard to join the Mile High Sky Club at the Stueckle Sky Center For Institutional Control. Long hours! (man I'm losing control)

Mom its alright, Matt Foley is truly inspiring. Here is his picture:

I work for the Blue and Orange Channel 5, Station, Down By The River, In The United States 53rd territory or State, Boise State, known as Bronco Nation. I'm not Channel 4 of San Diego, Anymore. I am The Lead Monday Morning Sports Reporter who has the Prestigious Green Belt Beat. I've met some very nice people in our building. Very religious people here mom. One of our office buildings has a men's side and a woman' side. They segregate the office that way since since Matt, my boss finds it, more "productive" to have a two sided Building near his TV Channel Van. Boy do we produce in that building.

Love Ron,

Now onto reporting Blue and Orange Stuff from Last Week. "It ain't fresh if its not last weeks!"

Bronco Football is on Spring Break, Nobody told me that, until I had to ask. I walked around the stadium all week-end just to see a janitor moving dirty laundry from the locker room. They have a Coach out here named Pete. What kind of name is Pete? Never heard of him. I hear Senior Chief will set me straight on Coach Pete, and I may just write about it because I can and I will. Skipit is a real nice dude, no picture, he's shy. These guys are a big help. I can cut, copy, and paste with the best of them. "Copy rights?, I don't see no stinking Copy Rights". Unless they are next to the Paste-r-y Rights. I hope I cut it here, Matt says I really was cutting it up at the office, better than the big cheese. Hey Focus-Focus Focus!

Enough of me, Back to Bronco Football Monday Morning QB Commentary. Last Week I found a press pass laying on the ground, and I got into Bronco Nation's Holy Epicenter. "On-The-Blue, Center For Institutional Control", San Diego came here last year was over served on points. Now BSU has to practice this spring to make up for that slip up. Two losses, and the team has to pay it back with fifteen practices to make this guy, Coach Pete happy. Isn't that a bit harsh for losing twice last year. They fired a bunch of last years players, because they were caught graduating. Boise State removed their scholarships and booted them out of school, meeting the NCAA's Compliance for Institutional Control. The NCAA is investigating right now, to see if these players violated rules, since they graduated from Bronco Nation. They once found a recruit sleeping on a floor somewhere in Boise, and that cost BSU some bucks. At least he wasn't sleeping with a NCAA whore. One player was here six years twice and the NCAA said, Okay, you got me. I thought Pete said you were joining the PAC #, Big #, or something like that, and then six years is no problem, if you belong to a # conference with a Big $. But Pete pulled a fast one, after this player was reinstated by the NCAA, Bronco Nation succeeded from #ing sand and joined the MWC on a bad hair day.

I am closing with a note for my mom:

Mom, I am working really hard, there are no whores in Boise, I'll be just fine. Matt is teaching me life skills off the sweat of his brow efforts. Matt is really nice and he is helping me get ahead here in the Boise Nation/State on the Blue and Orange Network. He is working on my use of the word "I" when writing for The Blue and The Orange Broadcast script about the Broncos. I am switching to using the word "me" instead of using I. This makes sense for me. and sometimes myself. After all, its all about myself and the Broncos. After eating jello so long I say "Me Go Blue and Me Go Orange"

Working Really Hard For Myself and Me not " I".

I close with:

This is Ron Burg-handy, You stay classy Bronco Nation.”

I caught the spelling change on my name, cool beans BSU yet I (me)

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