Boise Spring Ball Bash (Chapter 2) ((Updated for BWheelz))

Warning Warning Warning A No Pictures, Mature Read (sorry) Not!
What's a Spring Ball Bash in the developing Bronco run-up without the pitchy-catchy guys. The story unfolds as who got what on who's short list that is now quite long. Defensive coaches will be grooming stars, near stars, and crazy stars.

So without further ado, the list of suspects. HT. in crazy calculation format 6'4" is reported as 6.40000

17 Boldewijn, Geraldo WR 6.40 214 RSr. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Capital HS) ID
18 Burks, Aaron WR 6.30 200 RSr. Grand Prairie, Texas (Mansfield Timberview HS) TX
81 Burroughs, Dallas WR 5.80 173 Jr. Meridian, Idaho (Rocky Mountain HS) Id
Dean, D.J. WR 6.10 190 Fr. Eagle, Idaho (Eagle HS) Id
Keys, Kendal WR 6.20 196 Fr. San Diego (Helix HS) Ca
2 Miller, Matt WR 6.30 215 RJr. Helena, Mont. (Capital HS) Mt
34 Moore, Kirby WR 6.30 203 RSr. Prosser, Wash. (Prosser HS) Wa
19 Pope, Taylor WR 6.00 163 RFr. La Quinta, Calif. (La Quinta HS) Ca
82 Reed, Jackson WR 6.40 212 RFr. Boise, Idaho (Timeberline HS) Id
Shipley, Tanner WR 6.00 177 Fr. Wilsonville, Ore. (Wilsonville HS) Or
83 Ware, Troy WR 6.20 195 RSo. Oceanside, Calif. (Vista HS) Ca
11 Williams-Rhodes, Shane WR 5.60 154 So. Spring, Texas (Klein Collins HS) Tx

Average HT 6.133333 191 Average Weight

So what does this mean for chapter 2. Let us start with Moore Miller time. Southwick has duct taped his arm to a #2 and # 34 Jersey and will do so until further updates. Time is also spent for the following offensive expansion.

17. Timing for speed game and stretching the field with route improvisation.

18. Track speed, wind sprints and Southwick throwing to a corner spot in 2.7 seconds

81. Inside the barricade of linebackers 8 yards deep, will a 100 meter sprinter make a swerve to 81 mph or flux capacitor speed, just as he makes the corner, he hits his jets and goes back to the future for his team. Dr. Emmett Brown is so proud of Dallas Burroughs for he will produce 81 gigawatts of power and send Bronco Stadium out in the Blue.

11. No Not Kellen! Yes Shane William- Rhodes. Shane gets his western chops and sends Alan Ladd packing back to central casting. Alan Too tall for the part in the movie "Shane". However, The Bronco Shane is not just not going out to the corner to get the mail in 2013. Expect him to stretch defenses into awkward moments (SNL Mike Meyers style Awkward!). How do you cover a contortionist? Not my problem! Here you have a contortionist with speed on one side. Another fast Guy from Dallas, ID (a Burroughs in Boise) with speed, on the other side. Then you put in too-tall Joneses, #17 and # 18 with speed. Then you add the new guy back from yesterday's article that has speed. Then Coach Pete, calls speed package circus and makes Southwick pick and play the defense under 1.8 seconds, or if time allows (3.1 seconds) throw it hard and far somewhere because our receivers, somehow have, out run the linebackers, corners and secondary somewhere. Track coach please find your own guys. The speed Guys will have out run the yard. They will flood the safeties that can't cover the whole field, somebody is free and fast. The Yard? Is that a new slang term to use when receivers exceed expectation by out running the "yard". I still like Blue better. But my school yard days refer to the fastest guy in school when he out ran the yard. Readers please look up "digress", and come back to this spot.

This leaves me with another half dozen WR's I have no Idea how to play-in. Its not my problem, but its my delight to see who emerges out of the pack as a surprise. Somebody, somewhere, and some starter, will come up with a dreaded LAMAGANZA Injury on the starting roster. No Doctor can figure out the extent of injuries for 48 hours, and out of the steam emerges the next OKG for our delight. I hope no one gets Lamaganza during the year. We have a great team for what's ahead. God bless these players to represent well.

PS: BWheelz update links for another one of my red- faced Dropped Balls. Mr. BWheelz has pointed out a very important piece of the Spring Ball Bash review. I have inserted an AJ Richardson in a "What Me Worry" mea culpa Edit.

Click AJ above



So much has been said about this late signee, I just plumb forgot. I once forgot my wife on an anniversary, when I was on the road working, you know I was!. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! So here is a line on AJ and I promise to never drop the ball again, because AJ doesn't drop balls at the bash.

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