Broncos Spring Ball Bash (a short story)

Don’t you hate a book Preface?

I entitle this as a short winter-time cruncher, as in “California Dreaming ala Texas”. I think we must all do this during this time of year, since spring brings balls on the Blue and has some ice piles yet to crunch. Before any reckoning, recognition and just plain old wrecking is passed out on the Blue. So in this “What Its Worth Department“, for those who read more than write, I write what the tea leaves read.

I hope some attention is given to this “Bronco Tale Told” out-of- school, with some entertainment value. After all you paid for the band width unless you are at the library. Therefore, I will make it sound like home work, make it logical, and finally have a point. But the part of the story (exercise) is finding that point. That unannounced question will be asked during spring exams. If you are on free band-width, no worries, it will give you more time to study.

Chapter One: What The Defense Gives is What Coach Pete Takes: Spring Ball Part One


Ajayi, Jay





Plano, Texas (Frisco Liberty HS)

Baltazar, Aaron





Chula Vista, Calif. (Eastlake HS)


Bertoli, Charles





St. Helena, Calif. (St. Helena HS)


Demas, Devan





Houston, Texas (Cypress Creek HS)


Fields, Jack





El Paso, Texas (Americas HS)


Hart, Jamel





West Covina, Calif. (South Hills HS)

Thomas, Derrick





Dothan, Ala. (Butler CC) (Northview HS)

Nobody knows what this list means. So I, in dramatic fashion will read some more teas leaves and not make a point yet. If you want a point then do your homework. Hey where did Alabama Guy get in here? There is a point somewhere on this list and Alabama is it for now.

Score Card California 3 and Texas 3. Now there should be a story about that, which should be made up on the fly. Therefore, thinking…… Ahhh, I got one! Do you realize Jay will hurt someone in 2013 by accidently running into a player near the Goal line. I apologize in advance for that mishap. The guy from Alabama will come in for Jay during a TV Time out as they take the would-be tackler to the locker room. Back to spring ball since I digress.

Spring Ball will have some formations looking like a Chinese Fire Drill. The fleet and nimble unnumbered Aaron (with 2 A’s) Baltazar will be installed in a no huddle rapid fire offense that rips off two running plays and 3 passing plays for a touchdown against the number 1’s. He’s quick that’s why. Oh yeah let’s not forget Aaron’s New BFF QB as in “Option Nick”. Defense doesn't have a chance for a series or two.

Jay Ajai goes to the edge run, rinse and repeat annnd rinse, then repeat on left side. The twos come in, because the defensive 1’s need a timely break off field in a huddle for their oxygen.

Now that Patti and BFF Aaron leave the Field, a Devan and a Jack do some conditioning drills on the defense. Man it is a bad year for chasing the ball. This story goes to a full four quarters in no particular order with any sense made of it. It just hard to run backwards all the time on defense before they even bring on the receivers in the next chapter heading. So the point is, the defenses of the MWC have no point. See ya tomorrow for ball catching.

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