Hating on the bye week (w/ poll)

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Bye week can shove it.

On Saturday night, watching Coach K's defense in the 4th quarter, I was loving bye week. The game was fresh in my mind, there would be a weekend of stress free football ahead, and it seemed like a really good plan. In fact, it is still a really good plan. The Broncos need a rest. You can see it. The defense is depleted. Everyone needs to watch some tape, take a nap, let off some steam playing BF4 or COD. I get it.

Too bad bye weeks are awful on the fans. Today is okay. The MAC plays midweek, Thursday's games look good, Friday night I'll make plans, and Saturday I'll watch some football and relax for a minute. But Sunday will come. I'll halfheartedly watch the late Sunday game, but I won't be in to it. Sunday of a bye week is like December 27th. It's one of those time shifty dates on the calendar, where even though it technically isn't, it just feels like the longest possible point until the joy comes back.

It's before Thanksgiving! I am angry that I'm thinking about Christmas. In fact, I'm whiny about a lot of petty things:

  • It's snowing already? I know the snowboarders like it, but I am not of their numbers and ugh. I like my snow confined between Thanksgiving and March, thanks.
  • Why don't I already have a black jacket like Coach Pete had on?
  • The Halloween candy will never end. I'm tired of seeing it in that bowl in the pantry every day, staring at me. Is it possible to subsist completely on tiny boxes of Nerds for an extended period?
  • I would really like to know which Wyoming is going to show up.
  • Late games lead to "going Downtown." That's always a poor decision.
  • My winter coat is in a box in the garage. It might as well be on Mars for no more effort as I've put in to digging it out. Hoodies until Christmas are what all the cool kids wear, with our backpacks slung over one shoulder, and Discman skipping with every step.
  • Can Hedrick keep playing like he's trying to get a Heisman? Because that would be okay. Sorry for doubting, but I can't get my hopes up and get my heart broken. Not again.
  • Some fan bases would be ecstatic to only have 3 losses. Bronco Nation is bitter, and in some cases developing some questionable habits.

Maybe all is not lost. Maybe I should take a hint from the yoga mat thread and find my zen place. Go outside and enjoy the last truly decent weekend of the season. Rake some leaves, spend some time with family, and center myself for what is to come: holidays, bowl week, and all of a sudden another year has flown by.

Or, you know, have a beer and trade snark on the internet with some of the best people there are. Either sounds pretty good.

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