A Boise State Fan's Week Two Rooting Guide

Games that impact the Broncos

Looking back to last week, the games that impact Boise State took a big nose dive when Boise State couldn't finish winning their own game. However, some of that was alleviated when Boise State was found to be still ranked in the Coaches Poll. While we were keeping pace with and looking good enough against Michigan State, other schools were keeping pace with and looking awful with a Div 1-AA opponent.

Sadly, again I have to rush this article due to the lack of time. I'd go into details, but I'll let Joe Southwick fill you in with the details.


Loque had a baby boy! via

On with the rooting guide!

Rank 1 - Opponents of Boise State

The previous week in review: Boise State's opponents went 50/50 in wins and losses. A few positive notes from the weekend came when Nevada, BYU, and Colorado State defeated Cal, Washington State, and Colorado respectively. The negatives came when other teams on our schedule didn't knock off many "big" teams. Southern Miss couldn't handle Nebraska, Miami (OH) couldn't finish against Ohio State, Hawaii lost to USC, San Diego State lost at Washington (though it looked good), Wyoming lost to Texas, and UNLV lost in OT to Minnesota. At least Michigan State won their game, right? ... oh, wait.

Week 2: While the win/loss record of our opponents will likely improve in Week 2, it will mostly be because our opponents are playing Div 1-AA schools. Sadly, this will reflect in the computers who calculate SOS.

Look forward this weekend to Michigan State smashing Directional Michigan, and get on your knees and pray that football miracles can happen such as New Mexico defeating Texas and Fresno State defeating Oregon. Hey, it "could" * happen.

Sat, 3:30 PM No. 11 Michigan State at Central Michigan - ESPNU/WatchESPN

Sat, 1:00 PM Southern Illinois at Miami (OH) - ESPN3

Sat, 3:00 PM Weber State at Brigham Young

Sat, 8:00 PM New Mexico at No. 17 Texas - TLN

BYE - Southern Miss

Sat, 6:30 PM Fresno State at No. 4 Oregon - Pac-12

Sat, 10:00 PM Northern Arizona at UNLV

Sat, 4:00 PM Toledo at Wyoming

Sat, 7:30 PM Army at San Diego State - NBC Sports

BYE - Hawaii

Sat, 7:00 PM North Dakota State at Colorado State

Sat, 3:35 PM South Florida at Nevada - CBS Sports

PS. All times are now Eastern because of afore mentioned time restraints.

* (it won't happen)

Rank 2 - Teams ranked ahead of/near Boise State

This includes any ranked team, sadly. The big question is will Boise State remain ranked in the Coaches poll on their bye week. It could happen as long as the final 15 or so in the way-too-early polls look pretty bad against their competition. As far as this poll is concerned, let's have Michigan State keep winning for us.

1 Alabama vs. Western Kentucky - Sat, 1:30pm, SEC Network

2 USC vs. Syracuse - Sat, 1:30pm, ABC

3 LSU vs. Washington - Sat, 5pm, ESPN

4 Oregon vs. Fresno State - Sat, 4:30pm, PAC-12 Network

5 Oklahoma vs. Florida A&M - Sat, 5pm

6 Florida State vs. Savannah State - Sat, 4pm

7 Georgia at Missouri - Sat, 5:45pm, ESPN2

8 Arkansas - BYE

9 South Carolina vs East Carolina - Sat, 10:21am, SEC

9 West Virginia - BYE

11 Michigan State at Central Michigan - Sat, 1:30pm, ESPNU

12 Clemson vs. Ball State - Sat, 10:30am, ACC Network

13 Wisconsin at Oregon State - Sat, 2pm, FX

14 Ohio State vs. UCF - Sat, 10am, ESPN2

15 Virginia Tech vs. Austin Peay - Sat, 11:30am

16 Nebraska at UCLA - Sat, 5:30pm, FOX

17 Texas vs. New Mexico - Sat, 6pm, Longhorn Network

18 Oklahoma State at Arizona - Sat, 8:30pm, PAC

19 Michigan vs. Air Force - Sat, 1:30pm, ABC

20 TCU vs. Grambling State - Sat, 5pm

21 Kansas State vs. Miami (FL) - Sat, 10am, FX

22 Notre Dame vs. Purdue - Sat, 1:30pm, NBC

23 Louisville vs. Missouri State - Sat, 1:30pm, ESPN3

24 Florida at Texas A&M - Sat, 1:30pm, ESPN

25 Stanford vs. Duke - Sat, 8:30pm

Rank 3 - Opponents opponents

The previous week in review: The opponents of our opponents had a 54% win percentage last week (this does not reflect the losses against our opponents).

Week 2: I've included the lost of all our opponents opponents for your review. They may or may not play this week. I've bolded numerous teams which we would like to win, save it be against a Boise State opponent. These bolded teams play our opponents 2-3 times this season. So them winning assists us 2-3 fold.



Colorado (x2)

Eastern Michigan

Georgia Tech

Idaho (x2) No, not ever. Never, ever, ever root for Idaho. Let their losses hurt our SOS as much as they want.

Louisiana Tech




New Mexico State (x2)

Notre Dame (x2)

Ohio State

Oregon State

San Jose State (x3)

South Alabama

Texas State

Texas Tech




Utah State (x3)


Washington State (x2)

Western Kentucky

Cal Poly


North Dakota

Northwestern State

Southern University

Rank 4 - "What the Heck!"

Tonight, 8pm Have Cincinnati wallop Pittsburgh - ESPN. We want our future Big East opponent to continue to embarrass a future-leaving Big East opponent.

Friday, 8pm Utah at Utah State. Pick 'em. If you're thinking along with a Rank 3 item, 3 of our opponents play Utah State, so a win by them would help our SOS in some computers. However, I'd like Utah to build their confidence to be in a position to take down USC or other PAC-12 league members. A loss to Utah State might set them back for that goal.

Saturday, 10am Penn State at Virginia - abc. To be honest, I don't care who wins this, only that Penn State stop being the focal point of nationally televised games for the wrong reasons.

1:30pm Air Force at No. 19 Michigan - abc/ESPN2. We don't play Air Force this year, but a win against reeling Michigan would place notoriety in the Mountain West conference -- which we actually want this season. I don't many pollsters would even notice that Boise State does not play Air Force this year.

1.30pm No. 24 Florida at Texas A&M - ESPN. Pick 'em. Former Boise State Coach Pease vs. former Boise State Coach Yates. You choose for yourself, but "Go defense!" for me.

2pm No. 13 Wisconsin at Oregon State - FX. Should be a fun game to watch (if you can find it on tv). Wisconsin looked pretty bad against their FCS opponent and this is Oregon State's opening game due to a postponement last week.

Rank 5 - Future Big East Members

The previous week in review: Team future Big East won 60% of it's games last week. It was fun to see both exiting Big East members Pittsburgh (Hahahaha, Mark May!) and Syracuse lose last week, Pitt to a Div 1-AA team. However, it was incredibly painful to see Houston do the same thing to Texas State.

I've omitted No. 24 Lousiville on account that we have to be ahead of the Big East or ACC conference winner. South Florida was also removed as they play Nevada this week.

Central Florida at Ohio State - Sat, 10pm, ESPN

Houston vs. Louisiana Tech - Sat, 6pm, CBS Sports

Memphis at Arkansas State - Sat, 5pm, ESPN3

Southern Methodist vs. Stephen F. Austin - Sat, 6pm

Temple vs. Maryland - Sat, 10am, ESPNU

Navy - BYE

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh - Tonight, 6pm, ESPN

Connecticut vs. NC State - Sat, 10am, Big East Network (there's such a thing?)

Rutgers vs. Howard - Sat, 1:30pm, ESPN3


So, enjoy your cheering guide. Please feel free to disagree. I'm pretty sure I didn't choose any SEC teams so hopefully that helps in that regard. ;)

Edit, Friday 12:49pm: Some coherency, never cheer for Idaho, game opponents and times, misc.

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