State of Utah's Reaction to BYU Loss

okay, this is my first post, like ever (please, hold your applause), so i had no idea how to upload the front page sports article picture...thing. I live in Utah, so you can imagine what I must live with.

so imagine this picture, REALLY big (like, half of a newspaper big) and above it in REALLY big letters

"2 little, 2 late"


Then it goes on for 5 articles 6 paragraphs each about how if BYU made that 2 point conversion, didn't turn the ball over one two three four five times, and played Hill earlier, they would have won.

So in other words, If they played better, they would have won?

This_is_the_quot_you_don_t_say_quot_face__d3d47eea8a14bd3a870bef4ef7e56686_mediumvia for sports analysis!!!

Now I'm only a college freshman, but I get in arguments with the sports radio people here in Utah, and I can shut them up! So i figure I'm a level 5 analysist. Lou Holtz is 8, Mark May is 1/2....rounding up. On All-madden mode as the Cardinals vs the Packers, i can win 56-0. So that's my resume

Anyhooo, what I noticed is that Boise's Defense is as much a beast as a collective 5 Troy Polamalu's. Coolio. But what I noticed offensively is that the offense is very different from what it's been in past years. Now I don't mean in the way of having a semi truck as a runningback and the most awesome quarterback since Doug Flutie (naw, Kellen's better!) but in the way the offense is ran.

Boise offense has always been about spreading EVERYTHING: using the whole field in the passing game, and running in ALL directions. Boise used Harper on all but 1 running plays, most up the middle. I do like Harper, but he's not going to muscle his way up; he's a read-and-react runner, which needs space. BYU played the defense to match it, and Boise seemed like they were more concerned with being able to run up the middle than running well at all. Really, Boise just needs to give Haper some breaks. When you're struggling on offense, you never want 1 guy carrying it 31 times, especially when he's only getting about 3 yards per carry. The Running game is a quartback's best friend (metaphorically), and it's obvious that's what Southwick will need.

No 2 runningbacks are the same. Even by putting in a worse back, just having another running style can be effective on a defense. Now I know Boise has runningbacks: Drew Wright is similair to Haper, but more physical. Jay Ajayi is the biggest one, 220 lb, and has great vision and quickness. Jack Fields has shown some flashes, enough to at least be effective to go in for 1 play to give other backs a break. Mitch Burroughs had some good runs last year on end-arounds. Heck, if I was on the coaching staff, I'd consider pulling a Dougie and move Dillon Lukehart to runningback. He had 3301 yards and 50 TD's in High School, you know.

Sorry if this a long post, but I've got nothing to do today other than mow the lawn. I should do that.........but anyway, there's a reason Chris Peterson was national coach 3 times, and has had the most successful offense the past 10 years. If I can figure it out, so can he.

Comments? Pick up lines? Jokes? Fire away! or not, I won't care.

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