Pass the Bacon, ey

Follow me in the lesser known second verse...O Canada, we so lover our bacon. God keep our hearts...oh crap...what rhymes with bacon?

Canadian Bacon, as you are called, will you come meet my son and let him shake your hand. You're now his greatest hero! Please...he'd love it.

OK, Southwick looked very un-Bronco like; sailed passes to numerous open players; slid (again) one foot short on a 4th down conversion, etc, etc, etc.

BUT, I now swear to only eat ham, er Canadian Bacon for the rest of the season. What a play! My eyes got all misty watching that D-Lineman lumber over the goal line.

I've gotten many responses to my polite requests for civility in fandom, so let me head off a few things before I continue. It's OK to criticize. It's OK to analyze. Just don't start lobbing the generalized insults and ignorant Patti replacement requests and my blood pressure will be just fine.

Here's my take: Our offense didn't really play that bad. There were lots of open receivers. Burks was beating his guy deep all night. But, when you sail all of your passes over his head, the defense smiles, loads the box, draws the safeties in, and it starts to make your offense look worse than it really is.

In reality, we dominated them. The ESPN guys said it best when Palmer said, "They're just not capitalizing on their opportunities."

Here are some real questions I am mulling over right now:

1. New quarterbacks coach: Southwick dances a lot in the pocket, and appears to not do his check-downs. He almost doesn't look like the Southwick of last year. He's making a lot of rookie mistakes for a JR QB.

2. New offensive coordinator: Prince came out after the Michigan State game and took a lions share of the blame, saying that he needed to get creative with play calling and get the calls in on time. Palmer and the ESPN boys gave a rather lengthy explanation of how Prince uses a very time consuming play calling algorithm to select his plays. It sure looked like a lot of runs behind the right guard to me. At what point does BYU just put three guys there and hold the line?

3. Our defense is absolutely amazing. Two games this season where the only points were from the defense. They smothered BYU. Love it. How did we do that with so many great d-guys leaving?

I saw one thing that I've never seen Peterson do before. After Southwick slid short, Peterson met him at the side lines and littereally rolled his eyes and walked away from Southwick. I think the frustration with Southwick has gotten to Peterson too. But, unlike reactive BSU fans, he'll handle it with far more class.


Flame away.

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