BYU/BSU game

Hey guys, Byufan here. Wish I could go to the game, but I live in TX and will catch it on tv.

Anway, not sure what to think about tomorrow's game. Hard to predict games. BYU hasn't faced BSU in a long time. I know BSU will be a big challenge tomorrow @ BSU with the blue turf and crowd noise. I hope BYU can make the series closer and more of a rivalry, but to do that-they have to win against BSU more often.

BSU has a great home winning percentage and also IMO-a minor edge in the blue smurf turf. Especially when they wear the blue unis...

I've followed BSU here and there since they became Div-1 I think-was it around 2000 or so and have respect for the program. So I'm not gonna engage in too much smack talk. There's simply not much reason to do so. I was hoping BYU would have a magical year and go undefeated with all the experience and whatnot, but that ended against the utes.

I think the 2 programs are a lot alike in ways. Underated at times and als0 overrated at times. Both overachieve IMO. Both get decent talent, but usually not stellar talent. BYU has some good tradition and history, while BSU is the newer kid on the block in terms of success. Nevertheless, BYU has had some consistent winning seasons-4 or 5 with 10 wins over a short time span, which is nice.

The coaches and program itself at BSU has to be really good-otherwise BSU wouldn't be having the success they have had. Peterson has done a fantastic job. The edges may very well go to your coaches in this game.

According to Mendenhall-football is 5th in terms of priority, behind God, family, academics and whatever else. I agree with the philosophy generally and realize football is a game and not the most important thing in the world... :) However, as an irrational and die-hard fan, I wish the coaches could put a little more time into prepping for and beating the utes... heh heh... It is what it is.

BYU overachieves with what they have usually and sometimes underperforms in big games. Like last week against the utes. They shoulda won the game. Too many mistakes, not enough preparation apparently.

BYU is going to have a hard time making it to a BCS game, let alone winning another NC unless some things change or they get some serious talent come in the recruiting pipelines. A lot of athletes won't want to come to BYU due to the honor code and also academic restrictions, etc..

Still, with a great QB and BYU usually gets their fair share of those-BYU will continue to find ways to win and play succesful football. Take Taysom Hill for instance. And Tanner Mangum. Those are the type of guys BYU might get to a BCS bowl one of these days with-provided the other pieces or in place.

Nelson is a good QB in the mold of a gritty AF QB that likes to run around and can cause some teams headaches that don't have a good defense. I think BSU does have a good defense, so I don't expect BYU to put up 30 points on you guys. But Nelson is not a great QB and he has his limitations. He doesn't throw the ball real far. Doesn't throw the ball real pretty, but what he does have is quite a few weapons at his disposal and he is a good leader and fiery competitor.

My guess is BSU might have the better offense at this point or might not-hard to tell with only 2 games.

The good thing with BYU's offense is that it's diverse and reasonably balanced. There's talent at WR and TE and also RB. BYU's not gonna kill BSU with any one thing.

I think BYU's defense is better than BSU's defense-maybe slightly and definitely in terms of stopping the run. I think BSU and the fans will find that BYU is going to be close to Michigan-st in terms of defensive strength. They won't be a pushover like Miami. You're not gonna run for more than a hundred yards on them probably. You might pass for 300 though, depending on whether BYU can disrupt your O-line or not.

I like the fact that BSU is a little young and has lost a good deal of talent to the NFL. Credit BSU for developing these guys well to play at the next level.

If it was last year or an experienced BSU team, I'd say this would be a definite loss for BYU at BSU. But I like our chances this year.

You guys need to realize Michigan-st was not very diverse on offense. BYU will be more well balanced on offense and better at the passing game than Michie-st was. Easy. Their QB wasn't that good IMO. Not saying Nelson is light years better either, but still-BYU should or will prove more of a challenge. They will utilize the TE some like Michigan st, but have more weapons than just the TE. And Michie-st had a stud RB and BYU doesn't. I hope BYU can get around 100 yards at least. Or more. I watched a lot of the BSU/Michigan st game on tv.

I hope BYU can right the ship and correct a lot of the bumbles from last week at utah. Here's to a good game, clean reffing and hopefuly no serious injuries for either team.

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