A Boise State fan's Week One rooting guide

Games That Impact the Broncos

I used to watch polls, until I found that polls hate Boise State. They'd rather Boise State run into them than climb up them. So, my poll-watching days are over. Somehow I bought into Coach Petersen's mantra that they can only worry about the things they can control. I don't know how that happened. I'm a fan, not an athlete. I sweat through every pore from 2 mins of marching band drill.

However, as the actor of a great Scotsman once said, "[The polls] can take away our [fanatic] lives, but they can't take away our freedom [to anticipate the downfall of the teams we hate and those ranked ahead of us]."

With that, I propose to you a rooting guide for Boise State football fans. I will run through far too many games and teams that you should be cheering for which will impact the Broncos' success in poll leaping into the playoff bowl championship system!

Editor's note: I'm sick, so I won't be spending time on formatting and pictures this week. Please don't fall asleep while reading this blog entry.

Rank 0 - Boise State winning

This first and foremost rank is obvious, and I won't be mentioning it after this week. In order for us fans to enjoy the demise of other teams, we need Boise State to win their way to the top. So, Bronco Nation, cheer on your Boise State Broncos!

Rank 1 - Opponents of Boise State

The best way to make Boise State look good is to have their opponents look good. Whether in computers or the collective hive mind of the BCS selection committee human polls, a win against another highly ranked ream will always bolster the appearance of schedule for Boise State. This is how the SEC does it.

So, somehow, we miraculously need the Mountain West Conference to play up. Sound familiar? DO IT LIKE THE WAC DID IT! Oh ... nevermind, then. The MWC has some cupcake Div 1-AA teams, but they also have some marquee games against Ohio State, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, USC, Colorado (laugh here), and Cal. So... if there ever was any time for the MWC to step up, this would be the week to do it. We can dream, right?

Cheer for bolded teams

* numbered rankings are from AP poll for the time being, all times are MDT

Miami (OH) at [18] Ohio State - Saturday, 10am - Big Ten Network

Washington State at Brigham Young - Tonight, 7pm - ESPN1

Southern University at New Mexico - Saturday, 3pm - Untelevised (* as far as knows)

Southern Miss at [17] Nebraska - Saturday, 1:30pm - ABC or ESPN2

Weber State at Fresno State - Saturday, 8pm - Untelevised

Minnesota at UNLV - Minnesota to Las Vegas? How did that happen? - Tonight, 9pm - CBS Sports Network

Wyoming at [15] Texas - Saturday, 6pm - Longhorn Network (so, basically, untelevised)

San Diego State at Washington - Saturday, 8:30pm - PAC-12 Network

Hawaii at [1] USC - Saturday, 5:30pm - Untelevised .... really? AP#1 and not even on TV?

Colorado State vs. Colorado [played at a neutral site ... somewhere. I bet someone will tell you in the comments] - Saturday, 2pm - FX

Nevada at Cal - Saturday, 1pm - PAC-12 Network

Rank 2 - Teams ranked ahead of/near Boise State

Right now, this list includes any team ranked. Unlike the first rank, it should be obvious that we want any ranked team ahead of around us to lose. So, as you watch any games this week, cheer against any team with a number by their name.

Rank 3 - Opponents opponents

Back to SOS thing. This is more for the computers, but when the opponent of our opponent wins, it helps Boise State. If it weren't that important, I wouldn't list it here. So, I've listed the opponents non-conference opponents of our opponents below, sans when our opponents opponents play our opponents .. because we want our opponents to win more than our opponents opponents. Perfectly clear?

Right now this is just an ugly list because I'm past deadline and that whole sick thing again. I'll come in and edit the list later after a good nap (after Kellen plays tonight, anyway).

Central Michigan #18 Ohio State Washington State #15 Texas Colorado

Notre Dame Southern Illinois Weber State Toledo North Dakota State

Eastern Michigan Cincinnati Utah Cal Poly San Jose State

Southern University #17 Nebraska Hawaii Idaho Utah State

#15 Texas Western Kentucky Utah State Washington California

Texas Tech #25 Louisville Oregon State Army South Florida

New Mexico State Minnesota Notre Dame North Dakota Northwestern State

Weber State Northern Arizona Georgia Tech San Jose State Texas State

#5 Oregon Washington State Idaho #1 USC South Alabama

Colorado Utah State San Jose State Lamar

Tulsa Louisiana Tech New Mexico State Brigham Young

Blargh! Word vomit, better because you don't have to taste it the 2nd time.

Rank 4 - "What the Hay!"

This list includes teams that should lose based on my opinion. I have no other reasons beyond that. In chronological order.


6pm - Eastern Washington at Idaho - ESPN3: This is self-explanatory. EWU downgrades their schedule be leaving the beauty of colored turf to play in a small airport hangar. Go Infernos! (really, what is their mascot .. some sort of birdkind, right?)

VETO POWER, 6pm - Washington State at BYU - ESPN: So, i'm vetoing myself saying that our opponents should win. A BYU win would be great when we greet them on The Blue™ in a few months, but it would just be fun to see Coach Leach start out on the right foot. Maybe they can bring them to a high-scoring overtime and BYU wins just barely? I can live with that.


7am - Notre Dame vs. Navy - CBS: Finally something to watch besides Corso. Just in time as I can't DVR over him anymore. Navy gets a shout-out in Rank 5 later as well, but Notre Dame relevancy stories have been all over this past month. I don't care much for or against Notre Dame succeeding, so long as they earn what they deserve. And therein lies the rub. We'll see what deal they make up in the future playoff, but for now, down with ND.

10am - Ohio (Bobcats) at Penn State - ESPN: Yes, not such a marquee game but it's in ESPN, ESPN3D, and WatchESPN. If you want to dig your eyes out listening to re-hashed scandal stories, watch this game. If you think retribution is needed to see Penn State lose all their game this season, cheer for Ohio. If you just want to see another B1G team lose (me), cheer for Ohio.

6pm - Michigan vs. Alabama - ABC: I had to mull over this one and please care to disagree. But the way I see it, there will always be an SEC team (or 2, or 3, or 4, or ...) in the top 10. Might as well pick one and hope all the rest lose a lot. Meanwhile, Michigan doesn't really deserve to be here (ok, so no one deserves to be here because no one has played yet) and they're going to play Michigan State later. So they're going to have to lose sometime. But then, they are an opponent of our opponent, so we do want them to win, right? Ok, so I give up in the end anyway. Mostly, I'm choosing Alabama because they're the better team with "more real' football -- like Boise State plays. So my college football fandom wins over my Boise State fandom in this regard.

Rank 5 - Future Big East members

Although these teams will have little impact this year, it would be good for the Big East to succeed this year and improve the conferences perception in preparations to receive Boise State next year. Fortunately, the Big East plays a lot of Div 1-AA teams since they're a Big 6 conference (sofar...)

Central Florida at Akron - Tonight, 5pm - ESPN3

Texas State at Houston - Saturday, 6pm - Untelevised

Tennessee-Martin at Memphis - Saturday, 5pm - Untelevised

Southern Methodist at Baylor - Sunday, 4:30pm - Untelevised

Villanova at Temple - Friday, 5pm - ESPN3

Notre Dame vs. Navy - Previously mentioned

Cincinnati - Bye

Massachusetts at Connecticut - Tonight, 5:30pm - ESPN3

Kentucky at [25] Louisville - Sunday, 1:30pm - ESPN: It's ok to cheer for Lousiville. They're ranked behind us and if Boise State wins, they won't leap us by beating Kentucky.

Rutgers at Tulane - Saturday, 6pm - CBS Sports Network

Chattanooga at South Florida - Saturday, 5pm - ESPN3


Least so many games get you confused, I'll update you with the progress of the 5 ranks above and preview next weeks' Rooting Guide -- in a much more organized fashion. Go Broncos!

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