Fan Fall Camp FFC, Starts Tomorrow with MYTop Ten Workouts

Top TEN Fan Fall Workouts For Bronco Nation, Before The Season Starts.

If the Boise Nation Broncos Football team, started doing the work last spring, and continued relentlessly in an unsupervised effort throughout the summer, before fall ball starts, why can't fans at least at a minimum, begin their own Fan Fall Camp?: FFC

1. Start searching best buys for fall hydration, to use before, during, and after the game.

Hop to it so you Don't Barley miss the deals!

2. Select an obscene amount of Bronco color at a Local Blue and Orange establishment, wait for a sale and execute on option read on payday.

Take your Significant Other SO out on a shopping binge to get Broncos colors****

3 Invest in an efficient effort by buying a padded zero gravity chair to watch games. I just did that and placed it directly in front on my 50" TV screen. TE (end) table optional for holding hydration supplies. When a touchdown is scored , I just swing my arms up and the chair goes to anti gravity position and I holler, so the neighbors know that a game is on with the Broncos. I'm in training on the zero gravity chair as I seek a non strenuous way to return to vertical viewing from the horizontal position. Bad calls on the field, I also throw my arms up and go horizontal in the anti gravity position. The chair puts the fan into the game and staring relentless at the ceiling, while you wait for a teammate (SO) to pull you back off horizontal after insane moments. Its the only way to feel the game as if your really in it.

4. Season Tickets training starts during the winter, I assume you have them already.


5. Select an ever so cool pair of sunglasses.

I'm not Justin B Fooln.

6. Install a curved mirror, like they have at the hospital for blind corners. Situate it on the corner from the living room to kitchen, maintaining a view angle on the Halftime Snack Preparations HSP and making sure your SO and friends are not cheating on the game supplies, by hoarding treats inside their faces, before coming back to the TV.

You have the angle Mirror Man! Make the Move!

7. Send your Blue towel to the laundry at least once this summer.

Last year stains are to be eliminated in FFC.

8. Make sure you buy orange or blue sport shoes and wear the right color to the stadium when the team wears Orange or Blue shoes on game day. Keep booths pairs in your car until you find out what the team is wearing. Unless listed in the Statesmen. The Statesman needs to help fans with game day accessories. Broncos can go undefeated it the fans accessorize appropriately.

You have no one to blame but yourself on game day preparation! A FFC Technical Error can be avoided.

9. On cold days, find out what helmet the Broncos are wearing for the game and wear a hat or stocking cap matching the helmet color. Reversible stocking cap is cool. Remember Summer training starts tomorrow and you have time to WORK OUT your equipment problems before the first really cold game.

Design A Storm Trooper Hat Skilled Bronco Fans, and take no prisoners!

10. Most important part of FFC. Change the BATTERIES on your remote and keep a fresh supply in the TE table next to your zero gravity plush chair for emergencies!

and most off all.

Fans: Have a Great Season with Your Broncos!

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