Video; Boise St. 2012 - Passing the Torch

Deployment: This was originally supposed to be a two part video on the Broncos program in general and its upcoming season. However, I was recently tasked with a short notice deployment and I have serious doubts that I can get Part 2 done with all the prep and potentially long hours I will be working as I get ready to get out the door. On a lighter note, the place I am going is known more for cocktails and spectacular sunsets than mortars and AK-47 fire :)

The video: This vid's theme is 'Passing the Torch'. I decided to show BSU's budding legacy through the QB position as one Bronco QB passed the reigns of the team over to the next guy. I also cover what, I feel, was a monumental milestone and changing of the guard in the Fresno St. game of there is a double meaning here. This video has HD options all the way to 1080, so if you like seeing top quality then I suggest you view it in full screen from Youtube.

My editing style: I will say that the opening scene is pretty clunky in the camera movement, you will know exactly what I'm talking about when you see it. I haven't mastered camera movement yet and it ended up being too fast and awkward in the pans to the left and right. Also, for those not used to my video style, I try to tell stories and give light to the history and underpinnings that make the present so important. If you want to see a really fast paced 2 to 5 minute pump up video then Andersource and our own Tim Gross are very very good editors that pack a lot of good material into an efficient time period, BigBlueTurf has also made big strides this year and he has already produced 3 videos for the upcoming season. You can all their stuff at the respective links below.

Quirks: One of my greatest fears is that the masses will deem 'too much Fresno St., not enough Boise St.'. I feel it's important to understand who Fresno St. was at the time and what we were up against and I think our base knowledge of our own rise to where we are now requires less time spent in that area. I think most the people on this site will appreciate this approach but if you haven't got the time, or are looking for something with more voltage to it, the guys I mentioned above do really good work in a much more condensed format than I do. You will notice music overriding game announcer audio in some cases. This is for two reasons. A) I favor music as the primary audio and vocals as more ambient in nature. B) The vids I downloaded of the games were pretty low quality, both in visual and audio. Sometimes the audio is very indistinct and amounts to slightly better than white noise. In these cases, I chose not to amplify the announcer's voice over the music but to leave it as background sound to add to the atmosphere.

This Season: I have no idea how this year will go, but one thing I am certain of is that this program is pointed in the right direction and we have some great young talent. Honestly, if we were to lose an unthinkable eight games this year, I wouldn't freak out as long as we are consistently improving. To me, that is the hallmark for a young team, consistent improvement. Primarily, I want this team playing like its hair were on fire by year's end, ready to hit the Big East right in the mouth, gaining tons of experience for the guys who will need it, and gelling as a unit. Everything after that is icing on the cake. It's not a case of lowered expectations but, rather, correct priorities for the continued advancement of this program imho.

Closing: I hope everyone enjoys this piece, it took some effort as I logged quite a few hours putting this together in an effort to deliver, not only an entertaining piece, but a thoughtful one as well. My hope is that it will spark an appreciation for what is happening with the BSU football program today by shedding light and focusing on what happened in years past.

God Bless,


Boise St 2012 - Passing the Torch (via pjohn56)

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