30 things to do until kickoff of Boise State vs. Michigan State

ed's note: This FanPost was promoted to the front page because I love lists and I love homerism. You do, too, right?

We've got 30 days until the Broncos show the B10 exactly what the cute team with the blue field from Idaho can do. To help contain my unreasonable excitement coming off the longest offseason in the history of CFB (or so it seems), I've made a list of the top 30 things to do with ourselves (imho) until the big day.

30. Watch the VT game again.

29. Float the Boise River every day to get a glimpse of what's going on in the stadium.

28. Work on your BSU themed manicures. Examples here, here, and here.

27. Pick up a second job to purchase everything new for the 2012 season at the Blue and Orange Store.

26. Watch the Georgia game again.

25. Build a copper sculpture of Kellen in full double gun goodness in your front yard.

24. Go on reddit's r/cfb to get a confidence boost from the seemingly weekly "What is the greatest play of all time?" threads. (Answer: Statue Left.)

23. Hang a hammock, then lay in it daydreaming of that first monster hit that Lee Hightower is going to put on some poor unsuspecting receiver from MSU.

22. Iron your Bronco Gear.

21. Watch a Bronco Hype video.

20. Clean and calibrate your TV, to ensure maximum blue turf in HD goodness.

19. Read everything the Statesman has published about the Broncos this offseason...again...and this time avoid the comment section.

18. Hang out at the Dairy Queen on Boise Ave for, uh, Blizzard goodness. Yeah, thats it.

17. Mow the Terminator Bronco head in to your lawn.

16. Facebook stalk current players for any possible tidbits of information on how summer workouts went.

15. Watch highlights from the Oregon games. Laugh.

14. Plan outfits for every game now that the stadium chart is out.

13. Write a letter to Tom Scott and the BSU engineering dept. asking to start research on how to electronically transfer his Bronco knowledge directly to your brain.

12. Remodel your TV room, including blue carpet and orange to blue gradient walls.

11. Email the London olympic committee to see if they'll set you up with enough turf after the olympics are over to re-do your lawn.

10. Watch highlights from the 2002 Fresno game.

9. Start brainstorming new sign slogans now that we can't rag on the BCS.

8. Perfect that barbecue sauce recipe that you've been working on all summer. Going to need it for tailgating. :)

7. Check twitter for new stadium pictures.

6. Re-watch Coach Pete's media days interview, intent on finding some sort of tell that will let us know who is leading the QB race.

5. Re-watch the end of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl with Paul J calling. Wipe away tears of joy.

4. Play a game of NCAA 2013 with the Broncos putting 80 on the Vandals

3. Email all remaining members of the Big East and try to bribe them to stay in the damn conference with potatoes and the promise of increased SOS.

2. Obsessively refresh OBNUG

and finally...

1. Get your game face on! It's almost time!

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