Boise State football's top five fall camp position battles

April 16, 2012; Boise, ID, USA; Boise State Broncos quarterback Nick Patti (8) during the spring game at Bronco Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Boise State fall camp starts on Saturday, so yes, that is trumpets and harps you hear. Among the many storylines heading into camp are the several hotly contested position battles that I could sum up by just saying, "Who's going to play quarterback, you guys?" I'll say that and other things as I take a look at the five top position battles this fall. Beginning with ...

No. 1 - Quarterback. Duh.

Joe Southwick vs. Nick Patti vs. Grant Hedrick vs. Jimmy Laughrea is the quarterback battle to end all quarterback battles, at least in the eyes of Boise State fans. Presumably, Southwick is in the lead, if you believe people who are not Coach Pete. Alternately, Nick Patti may be in the lead, if you believe Nick Patti fans. We will know nothing once Fall Camp begins because that is the way the Boise State Information Curtain wants it. But oh those fall scrimmages ought to be judge-y!

No. 2 - Kicker

Given the horrors we saw in the kicking game this spring, who knows what to expect come fall. Newbie Sean Wale will be joining the mix - a mix that includes returnees Dan Goodale and Michael Frisina and former kicking savior Jake Van Ginkel. First one to get it through from 30 yards out wins? Yeesh, I hope not, but maybe.

No. 3 - Nickel

In the depth chart released last week (note: depth chart probably not meant to be taken seriously), Dextrell Simmons was the starter at nickel, followed by Corey Bell, and lurking in the whitespace of the margins Jonathan Brown. You would be forgiven if you thought that order should have been reversed or if you thought Bell was clearly the best option at nickel. Point being, nobody knows what to make of this position. It is anybody's to win, or lose, or job share.

No. 4 - Defensive end

As you may have heard via apocalyptic retellings of Boise State's offseason, there are no more defensive ends around, at least not the top three that played last season. Instead, the Broncos have a cadre of intrigue, beginning with JUCO transfer Demarcus Lawrence. He will duke it out with last year's fourth-best DE Tyler Horn for playing time along with spring star Sam Ukwuachu and person Beau Martin.

No. 5 - Left tackle

Faraji Wright appears to have the job if he wants it. But if he decides that he doesn't want it and tells everyone as much with his play this fall, then be prepared for a whirlwind of different big guys getting their shot. Behind Wright on the depth chart is Rees Odhiambo, but don't forget about former starters Michael Ames and Brenel Myers.

Your turn

Which position battle - other than QB - are you most interested in? Which one that I didn't mention do you think deserved mentioning? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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