Dear Hair Vol II

Dear Hair-

Thanks for a year of double talk and nit-pick rules. We kicked off our 2nd year in your conference with the Mountain West Media days in which you said how we were "spoiled" by having the Mtn Network covering football games in your conference. Spoiled? Hair, what were we spoiled with? Terrible play by play commentary? Used car salesman doing the half time show? And no football coverage to fans outside of the geographical MTN West? Hair, we were not spoiled by that at all... we were cursed.

Thanks for not letting us wear our desired uniforms for conference home games. We are the only team in division 1 football that can't wear what we want. It was only after we had sent in our intent to depart that this option of wearing what we want on our home field became available. Gee Hair, that was your big way of trying to keep us around. I know that hind sight is always 20-20, but I should have smelled a rat when you lost your top three teams in a matter of weeks. For those people out there that wonder if Boise State is making the right decision by leaving the MTN West, look no further than the fact that now a 4th team wants out of his conference, and will be out after this year.

Hair, you had an opportunity to keep this conference together and keep Boise State in it when last summer Houston, SMU, and others were entertaining offers to leave Conference USA. Did you make trips to Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth and wine and dine these teams? It would only make geographical sense, and you could have a footprint in Texas. Did you do this for the good of the conference? No.

Hair, I bet you were the person in high school who threatened to beat people up for touching your 79 AMC Gremelin, mean while the real muscle heads were beating you up for having too much gel in your hair. Hair, your answer to conference-a-palooza was a supposed merger with Conference USA. Turns out that Merger was nothing more than bar stool b.s. Hair, you think the Mtn West sans Boise State is the end all be all of conferences. You refuse to invite Idaho and New Mexico St. I know that those teams are not great, but this is a chance for you to do a decent thing for college football and you turn your nose up and give the finger to those teams. You say that its about tv markets and all that jazz..... Who is going to be watching your conference once Boise State leaves? You lost your joke of a network, so now who is going to carry Mountain West Games? KTVB 7.2 channel, or Altitude Network?

Hair, please let U of I, and NMSU into your conference. Please don't be the guy that yells at the waitress, then throws a fit and wonders why there is a hair and loogie in his stake and potatoes. Hair, I have no confidence in you to further the position of the conference and the teams in it. There is a biblical proverb that says something to the effect of "where there is no vision, the people perish." Hair, I can say that you do not have any vision. And I do not want our conference to perish.

In closing, Hair. I miss Karl Benson very badly. Even though Marinatto resigned, whomever or whatever was picked to replace him will have more of a desire to further the conference cause along. Hair, I can't wait to get out of the conference. I really wish that this conference could have been more. Once again hind sight is 20-20, and if you had not had that joke of a TV network things may have been different. If you had invited Boise State to the conference when you should have years before, this conference could have been a sweet conference making tons of sense.... not to mention the possibility of adding Houston, SMU, and others in the future... Oh to dream. Hair, I would say it has been nice, but it hasn't. Off to the Big East.



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