All Grown Up: An interview with Daryn Colledge

Well, Bronco Nation has just seen the largest number of players make their way into the NFL as we've seen in, well, forever...and who else is going to be playing with a familiar name and another one of our great left tackles of the past, but Nate Potter! He walks in to Arizona with a chance to win a possible starting spot, although I have seen many projections of him moving back inside to guard, where he would be competing with Daryn Colledge if he were to play on the left side. Well, I shot Daryn off some interview questions before the draft, and he was kind enough to answer them. After the jump, an interview with Daryn Colledge...



Without further ado, an interview with Daryn Colledge;

TBDM: Daryn, what was your favorite memory from playing back with the Broncos?

DC: Would just be playing on the blue. I loved my time there and miss the fans.

TBDM: Who influenced you the most as you worked your way towards an NFL career?

DC: My family for sure, but also my wife, and my staff at BSU. Without all those people's guiding hand, I wouldn't be where I am.

TBDM: Who has influenced you the most as an NFL player?

DC: Other players. I continue to try and grow, so I watch others and try and learn as much as i can.

TBDM: Do you have any funny stories from your times playing on the Blue?

DC: None that I can tell on here, haha.

TBDM: What sort of comments or questions do you get from other players in the NFL regarding Boise State?

DC: Why is the turf blue??

TBDM: What are your expectations for this coming year's BSU team?

DC: I expect the continuation of a winning tradition. With the community support we have and the foundation of excellence that is in place, the sky is the limit.

TBDM: What are your thoughts on the move to the Big East for Boise?

DC: We do what we do to continue the rise in level of competition.

TBDM: Was there any team that you enjoyed playing particularly more than others while at Boise?

DC: Always loved beating on Nevada and Fresno St.

TBDM: What is your favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard?

DC: Strawberry or cherry

TBDM: Do you have any off the field charitable work you are proud of that Bronco fans would be interested in hearing about?

DC: I was the Green Bay Packers Walter Payton Man of the Year for work in the community, something I was very proud of.

TBDM: What is your funniest memory of Coach Pete?

DC: He once told me that he would never be a head coach.

TBDM: Do you have any particular play that you are proudest of from your time playing football?

DC: I'm pretty proud anytime we score, and at BSU, we scored a lot!

TBDM: How do you feel on Monday/Tuesday mornings?

DC: Like I've been in a car wreck, for real.

TBDM: Any favorite motivational quotes or movies?

DC: "A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." -Winnie the Pooh.

Thanks for interview, Daryn! Hopefully this will be the first in a series, but we shall see how many responses back I get.

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