For those about to Kid Rock...we salute you.

So, Kellen Moore, The all-time raddest/winningest/goofiest QB in FBS history goes undrafted. So what? In fact, good on you NFL. Thank you for showing your true colors. You're scared. Fear stinks. You know who can smell Fear? That's right, Kellen. He will eat you alive. He will battle you, not to the death, but to the pain (don't know, better ask somebody...anybody want a peanut? And I'm not talking about Jeremy Avery). You have been warned.

Granted, even though the chip-on-the-shoulder-bearing Boise State fans and players who thrive on being slighted are probably ecstatic this morning about the enormous grudge they get to hold, this could be absolutely perfect for Kellen. As I see it, through exceedingly thick rose-colored, pollyanna glasses, here's the good and the bad about landing in Detroit Rock City.

The Good:

1. Kellen is behind a very good, but equally frail starter in Stafford. Mr. Glass has missed 19 of his first 32 games due to injury. Now, I would never wish an injury upon anyone. Ever. But that is often the only way back-ups get an opportunity to see the field. And it happens. Such is life.

2. The incumbent back-up, Shaun Hill, is a FULL 3.27 years older than Browns QB Brandon Weeden. Possibly, the only thing more dissected than Kellen's dearth of inches was Weeden's wealth of years. This can only mean Hill is close to retirement. Either way, Shaun has had the opportunity to start, to be "the guy", and is a known quantity. He is serviceable, a 10-yr veteran who has reached, demonstrated and painted his ceiling. He's coming back down the ladder. And, by all accounts, a good guy who will help support and mentor Kellen.

3. ((Titus x Megatron x Burleson) + Pettigrew + Broyles' potential x DOME = Explosive Offense

4. Doesn't ever** have to play against a boy named Suh. (see The Bad #3)

5. Kid Rock / Eminem ***

6. Easy access to Canada in case we, The People, manage to elect a "Palin/Gingrich/Santorum" (how did politics sneak in here?).

7. Real estate prices

8. The dancing waters fountain in the Detroit Airport is off the chain. A big thank you toe SarahLovesFabric who somehow found the most appropriate AirSupply / Ray Lynch tune ever to accompany this video.

The Bad:

1. Indefensible amounts of pre-rookie wage scale loot invested in Stafford would make it nearly impossible for Kellen to supplant him. For now. Bide your time. /evil laugh rubbing of hands

2. Joique Bell + Jahvid Best + James Bryant + Mikel Leshoure + Kevin Smith + Keiland Williams = Unsexplosive Running Game. No RB drafted this year.

3. Moore will assuredly start on the scout team and actually have to go up against Ndamukong Suh more often than he would as an opponent. Good luck with that Kellen. A truly unenviable task on par with filling your shoes under center at BSU (good luck with that...Southpattihedghrea).

4. Kid Rock / Eminem (There really is no middle ground here...they make one list of the other...often both)

5. Detroit is still Detroit, regardless its proximity to Canada.

In the end, if given the chance, Kellen will do what he has always done: look too short, run too slow, step with inexplicable grace out of harm's way, throw TDs and win games.

And, this way, if you extend your trip by a day on the front end, and want to go in and out of the airport with the greatest water show on earth, you can watch Kellen play what will probably be an entire game (last preseason game) against the Chicago Bears as an appetizer for the BSU / Michigan St game.

Boom goes the dynamite. (content not suitable for people who maintain an iota of compassion)

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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