The future of Boise State and Division 1-A College Football

I read an article a few weeks back regarding future college football realignment, and how it could ultimately effect Boise State in a not so positive manner. I didn't post it, however, because it mostly some guy's speculation, and I didn't want to go down that road again -- if you know what I mean. Yet the story kept gnawing at the back of my brain, wanting out. Wanting to be heard. So I went back online and tried to find said article, only to find that it seems to have vanished. But the possibilities laid out therein are somewhat interesting so I will attempt to recreate the basic tone of that article for you all so that we can debate it.

The basic premise of the article ran with the presumption that 16 team superconferences are indeed coming. Soon. And it will all start with the BigXII attempting to expand to twelve or more by inviting not Louisville, but rather by raiding the ACC of high caliber schools with valuable media markets such as Miami, Florida State, Clemson, and Georgia Tech -- then going after Louisville and Cincinnati.

Then SEC would similarly go after ACC schools in new untapped markets like Virginia Tech and NC State.

The B1G, not wanting to get left behind would follow suit and invite Notre Dame -- who would except because they see the writing on the wall (bigger conferences means less quality OOC scheduling, and all scheduling for ND is OOC). Then the B1G would go after the TV markets of Rutgers (New York/New Jersey), and Maryland and Virginia (Washington D.C./Baltimore).

The ACC in turn will raid the Big East. Again. Probably of everyone left east of the Mississippi. Temple. UConn. USF. UCF. Even Navy and possibly even Army.

The writer says that the Pac12, however, lacking quality schools out west would most likely sit tight and stay at twelve, meaning Boise State and SDSU would most likely go back to the MW, while Houston, SMU, and Memphis would go back to CUSA.


I personally don't see some of these schools as realistic targets by the big conferences (NC State. Virginia. Maryland. Really?), but at the same time I could some the bigger well known established schools moving to greener pastures (Miami. FSU. VaTech. Notre Dame.)

What is your take on this? And what happens to the Broncos? I know this is mostly a speculative story, but it brings up some very real possibilities, especially considering that there was some talk awhile back that Florida State and Clemson were talking to the BigXII about possible expansion. So you never know.

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