Is this a football season or a vacation itenarary?

I know we want better competition, and are trying to improve our "National Brand" for Bronco Nation, Boise St, and hopefully put us in a position to win the "Big NC". However as one who tries to stop and smell the roses (and have an occasional beer, ha) on my journey through life, I'm presently surrounded by a sea of roses.

As a Bronco football fan, I find myself in a world of glorious surroundings(and pubs), and a perfect list of vacation spots, that my family can enjoy, as well as me(burp).This might come as old hat to many native Boise St fans, but growing up in the flat lands of Kansas, I will never get tired of the majestic beauty that surrounds us in Boise, and while we follow our favorite college football team, during their victorious MWC seasons. Our season reads more like a vacation itinerary, than a football season. Lets take a little journey, after the jump.

1. Boise - (Broncos home games) Why don't we start our little journey at the most beautiful place on earth, as we all know.


The Blue. No place I'd rather be, and that's saying something considering where we're headed.

"Lots to do if you like the outdoors. There are hiking and biking trails everywhere in the foothills as well as a green belt that stretches for miles throughout the city. Other near by attractions are skiing, boating, camping and snowmobiling" - Aaron Boise, ID


I'm sure, after "family day", you all know where you can find a pub in this town.


2. Provo - (Cougars)

"Enjoy the grandeur of Fall in Utah Valley on scenic drives, hikes or on a lift ride at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort. Come view our warm & vibrant quaking aspens, native maples, and many more... Mid-September is typically the height of the season’s fall colors in Utah Valley, although views of the fall foliage remain well into October."


And afterwards, how about a little "me" time.


Albuquerque - (Lobos)

"There are a variety of things to do in Albuquerque. Whether you're visiting one of our 14 beautiful golf courses, taking a hot-air balloon flight over the scenic Rio Grande Valley, mountain biking in the Sandia Mountains, hiking among dormant volcanoes, horseback riding along the river or strolling through Old Town, you'll find Albuquerque offers a real breath of fresh air. Don't miss the stunning views of the city from Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, as it slowly climbs the 10,378-foot peak of the mountains that form Albuquerque's eastern border."


Of course, after a day of balloon rides, and base jumping, I'll need something to calm my "nerves". Images_medium

Fresno -(Bulldogs)

"Huntington Lake in the high Sierra Nevada mountain range is one of central California’s most popular year-round vacation spots. It is about 65 miles northwest."


And after a long beautiful hike in magnificent surroundings (1/2 hour, and that's pushin it)

its always easy to find a friendly pub to replenish your system. Yea!!

Images_mediumOn second thought, I think I'll just get a six pack and head back to the hotel.

Las Vegas - Need I say more. One stop shop for me.


Wyoming - (Cowboys) On the way, a stop at the Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone for a couple days is good for the soul.

Basecamp: Jackson Hole

By Sarah from

"After living and playing at the base of the Tetons for ten years, I ventured off to the big city to pursue a graduate degree. A few months away from Jackson Hole, and I realized how much I had taken for granted. The majestic and raw beauty of the Tetons, as well as endless opportunities for adventure, cannot be replicated."


After a tough day of scenic leisure, your sure to find a rustic brew pub to cool your jets in Jackson Hole. Images_medium

"San Diego - (Aztecs)

" Elegant and sunny San Diego is truly a city with something for everyone. In town, a whole day or more could be spent in Balboa Park playing golf, touring the world-famous San Diego Zoo or visiting a museum. Just outside of town, Torrey Pines State Reserve offers a somewhat wilder terrain where visitors can view rare birds and the stately trees the park is named for. Children, and in turn parents, will be delighted with the city's wide range of family-oriented activities. From SeaWorld to the historic Gaslamp Quarter, there are events and exhibits to keep even the most hard-to-please happy."

After a long exhausting (ten minutes tops), but scenic bike ride,


and a marathon(for me) run on the beach (less than 0.3 miles),


its always a pleasure to wine & dine (beer & Jack in the McWendy King) in the city. Images_medium

Honolulu - Come on, if you don't like it here, I have nothing to say, because Momma always told me, "if you don't have something nice to..."


You can all ways find gorgeous views in Hawaii.>>>


Oh, what a view.

Fort Collins - (Rams)

"A day in Fort Collins can be filled with things to do and see. Where else could you spend the morning admiring a zoo-full of fanciful metal sculptures (yawn), the afternoon touring a brewery (HELLO!), and the evening playing miniature golf?"(more yawning)


Or you could go mountain climbing, are you kidding me, NOT!

It makes me thirsty just looking at her doing that. Anybody up for appetizers.

Behold a Fort Collins Brewery Sampler.Images_medium

Reno - Smaller than Las Vegas, but right next to Tahoe, not beautiful or anything, right?


Of course for those us not into late Nov. hiking, you might be able to find something to do here.>>> Images_medium

Colorado Springs - (Falcons) Last but not least in my books (even though we aren't playing them this year).

Images_mediumAnd a little bit of a hike, and your in Heaven Images_mediumNow that's my kind of heaven.

We may not be in the strongest conference in college football, but we are definitely in the funnest, & most beautiful football conference, in not only the nation, but the world.

Does any body feel the way I do about beer, I mean the vacation land that is our conference? Am I wrong for feeling anxious about our departure from the MWC? Thoughts and experiences?

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