VIDEO: Boise St. 2011 50 Win Senior Class Tribute

Well, I finished it finally. I had a ton of difficulty w/ Youtube licensing but finally figured that mess out. You will want to have around 25 minutes to kill. The video is 21 minutes but if you want to see it in 720p (recommended if you have the connection speed) you need a few more minutes to allow for buffering. Here is a little bit of info concerning my thoughts on the video...


Uploading to Youtube now. It's 21 minutes long. I actually like it, lol, a lot of times I'm unsatisfied w/ my vids.

The only thing I wish I could have done was make a Career Stats window for the Player HUDs. Unfortunately, Broncosports doesn’t have last year’s stats included, ESPN ONLY has last year’s stats, and I wasn’t going to spend the time to add up 6 or 7 stat categories for all these players lol. There’s a little bit of jitter and skipping in some areas at the beginning due to lower resolution video as well…ah well, I do what I can with what I got hehe. My 20 yr. old brother says it’s the best vid I’ve done yet so I guess we’ll see if that opinion is pretty much universal hehe.

I’m a little nervous that the first part, recapping the big games, will seem boring to some. I feel like there’s enough going on to be very interested but the background sound is monotonous and understated and I fear some will give up on it before the regular music kicks in. I used an understated sound b/c I wanted this to feel a little bit like a dream, kind of haunting in the memories until it gets to newer memories. Hopefully, it plays out like a short movie, where ambient sound sets up the action sequences to come.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it all the same,

Youtube difficulties...

Initially the audio had been disabled, a problem many youtube users are having now that youtube's copyright software has been upddated. Then, when I tried to re-upload, my account time limit of 15 minutes had been rejected and eploads that took hours were being rejected AFTER the upload. I had to submit a claim for each of my videos, unfortunately I did not discover this until AFTER I had deleted my Georgia recap videos...they are now gone forever as I thought I had backup copies on my hard drive but was wrong sadly. Anyway, as long as you are not making money off the video you are allowed to use anything you want under the Fairuse addendum to the 1976 Copyright laws. It's a quick process with equally quick results. See how here, check in his 'More Info' section JUST below the video viewer...

From my video's 'More Infor' section...

Passed over and second guessed constantly, Kellen Moore and the Boise St. Broncos set an NCAA record of 50 career wins...a mark that may never be eclipsed. While plenty will be quick to discount the record as one built upon weaker competition, the obvious question to that would be "why is it a record then?"

Moore and his teammates' level of performance was consistent in the big games as well as the easy ones, a hallmark of championship play. With only 3 losses in 4 years, and by a grand total of only 5 points, they executed at a high level regardless of the competition level. Supposedly outmanned and outgunned, this collection of after-thought athletes knocked down the PAC-10, ACC, and SEC East Champions, absolutely dominating two of the three in all phases of the game. Every opportunity they were given at higher competition they delivered, going 8-0 against AQ teams.

They established a program, challenged the status quo, polarized a nation, and steadily gained more and more support as the years rolled on...rapidly changing a nation's mindset towards them. Together, they proved heart, will, and all out effort will always trump measurables and a sense of self entitlement.

Credit for final song idea goes to OBNUG user 'm.c.hammertime', thx to m.c. and his DJ wife for being spot on w/ current music when I needed it.

I certainly hope you all will like this video. I like the feel of it quite a bit, and that's saying something as I am usually unsatisfied with my work. Have a great day Nuggies and think of Munson today guys, take some time to say a prayer if you believe in that. Pjohn56

Boise St. 2011 50 Win Senior Class Tribute Movie (via pjohn56)

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