Some Information on Washington

So the Mayan calender ends this Friday, which many people believe means the end of the world will happen. My calender ends in 2 weeks, which I believe means that I need a new calender.

So Boise versus Washington, huh? Well, I guess it's better than Cal or Utah, as ESPN predicted in the preseason. They also said the Fiesta Bowl would be between West Virginia and Michigan. Texas A&M was predicted to be in the Mortgage Music City Bowl. You can see the other weird predictions here, and can see how even the smartest people can look like idiots just 13 weeks later. Or even at the same time, if your name is Mark May.

Back to Washington, at least this team has a winning record (almost, at 7-5), unlike last year's Arizona St. They are in the Pac-12, which somehow makes them good. Because I'm bored, and that finals are all over, I decided to look at Washington and share my knowledge with you! And because it's the internet, I can put whatever I want on!

I have heard many things about Washington's offense, such as being "prolific" and "efficient". They are 101st in yards, and 90th in points. Boise has better numbers in both of those categories! Huzzah!


Their quarterback has been sacked 33 times this year. Boise's defense has recorded 33 sacks. Another huzzah!

A number I found interesting was that Washington only has 2 players with at least 200 receiving yards, which I think is weird for a team that has more passing attempts this year than rushing. By comparison, Troy University has 7. Another discovery: Washington's leading rusher has over 1200 yards and 15 touchdowns. Their number 2 rusher has 200 yards.

So basically, Boise uses more defensive lineman than Washington uses offensive players. The one called Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets wrote This article that goes over some of their best players, so you can look at that if you want.

Their defense is pretty good, despite starting 6 underclassmen. They rank (nationally) 30th for yards and 36 for points allowed. Good, but still not as good as Boise State! A more talked about story is how their defensive coordinator, Justin Wilcox, used to coach at Boise State. Boise still runs the same defensive scheme, so Wilcox can use that to his advantage. But, as far as I know, he runs the same defense at Washington as he did under Coah Petersen. Since both Petersen and Kwiatkowski helped assemble Wilcox's defense, I think the advantage goes both ways. But Wilcox did say Kwiatkowski was his defensive mentor, so it's kind of like a Mentor-Student battle. Or a Jedi Master-Knight duel!


Hopefully both battles end the same way. I mean the master winning part, not the whole loosing your arm and legs in a single swipe and getting horrible 3rd degree burns and becoming an evil person, part.

Where they have struggled the most is against the run. Against Oregon, LSU, and Arizona, which are good run teams, they gave up an average of 272 rushing yards. Coincidentally, those were all on the road. So I guess this a good transition into what looks to be the biggest difference in this game!

Washington is noticeably worse on the road. At home, they are 5-1. On the road, they are 2-4. At home, they have 9 giveaways, while on the road they've turned the ball over 16 times. At home, they win by an average of 26-15. On the road, they've lost by an average of 21-32. Yes, their away games did include impressive teams like LSU, Oregon, California (3-9), Colorado (1-11) and Washington State (3-9). Yep, that's a tough schedule! But, teams that are relatively younger do play worse in away games, but usually not that bad.

The biggest thing I noticed was how young this team is. Of the 22 starters, 13 are underclassmen. One of them is named Shaq. No, not that Shaq.


The art of breaking backboards and sucking at free-throws!

So that's some stuff to share with your friends during the game to make you look smarter. Add that to your wealth of knowledge on Boise State, and you'll look incredibly intelegen intelligant intellegent intillagent smarter!

Any predictions, thoughts, lame end of the world jokes that you would like to share? Oh, and if you control the power to a large city area, could you turn the power off for like an hour this Friday, just to freak people out? Thanks!

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