This week's BlogPoll, brought to you by frequent flyer points

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This week's poll is asking for some pretty significant criticism from anyone who reads and it is not currently living in 2010. Boise State is not the No. 3 team in the country by any practical measure of football ability. But by stats-oriented, formulaic measures? Yeah sure why not!

Bring on the criticism. Spare my inbox no synonym for "moron."

How come things are so weird? Here's a recap of my methodology.

My Top 25 operates under the assumption that all FBS football teams are equal because, if they weren't, the NCAA obviously wouldn't group them all into the same classification. That would just make no sense.

Therefore, to choose the best from the FBS, I am building my BlogPoll based on one very big factor: Wins over fellow FBS teams. When ties happen within my standings (and they happen A LOT), I will do the tie-breaking based on a new stat every week, like, say, points allowed or Dairy Queens per capita. You know, real scientific stuff.

This week's tie-breaking method is total mileage traveled for away games. The more you travel, the more respect I have for you, the higher you get ranked in my poll.

HT: Loque, who did the mathematics for me.


  • Boise State has the highest travel itinerary, even when you include Notre Dame flying to Europe to play a football game. Among nine-win teams (real nine wins, not actual nine wins), the Broncos have a good 3,000 miles on the next team, which is most likely a result of the Broncos flying to Hawaii, Mississippi, and Michigan, among other places.
  • The most travel averse team in the country is Ohio State. That's bound to happen when you play your entire non-conference schedule at home and only have four road trips all season long.
  • Renowned localvore Florida is not the least traveled team, as you might have expected. The Gators went all the way to Texas to face A&M. Not by choice, though! (SEC schedule)
  • Regarding the main statistic used to create my Top 25 - wins over fellow FBS teams, there are now only six schools who are Kevan Winless on the year. The remaining non-winners are Akron, Hawaii, Kansas, New Mexico State, and Southern MIss. Of those, only Southern Miss has both no FBS wins and no real wins.

The complete Top 25 table is below.

Team Total Wins FCS Wins Real Wins Travel
1 Notre Dame 11 11 7,062.83
2 Ohio State 11 11 1,195.26
3 Boise State 9 9 7,789.01
4 Louisiana Tech 9 9 4,578.62
5 Stanford 9 9 4,360.33
6 UCLA 9 9 3,757.72
7 Oregon 10 1 9 2,398.44
8 Kansas State 10 1 9 2,389.61
9 Alabama 10 1 9 2,018.16
10 Florida 10 1 9 1,993.25
11 Northern Illinois 10 1 9 1,838.46
12 Kent State 10 1 9 1,678.90
13 Clemson 10 1 9 1,649.26
14 Georgia 10 1 9 1,446.65
15 San Jose St 9 1 8 5,943.16
16 UCF 8 8 5,539.68
17 Utah State 9 1 8 4,582.27
18 Rutgers 9 1 8 4,354.02
19 Nebraska 9 1 8 3,366.15
20 Oregon State 8 8 3,309.79
21 Louisville 9 1 8 3,023.86
22 Texas 8 8 2,713.89
23 Michigan 8 8 2,678.46
24 Tulsa 9 1 8 2,519.02
25 Florida State 10 2 8 2,343.04
26 Ball State 8 8 1,757.32
27 South Carolina 9 1 8 1,755.53
28 LSU 9 1 8 1,507.38

Got a suggestion for a tie-breaking procedure? I'm all ears.

Got a beef with the way I do my polling? Beef away in the comments.

Got some ways to make this Top 25 better? Please help. I'm easily swayed.

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