If the ALL CAPS above were not enough, please let me emphasize the word "fictional", as it is the "functional" phrase as well. You cannot buy these from me, or anywhere (not that you'd want to, necessarily...just clearing that fact up for the BSU powers that be...I understand they are now ardent readers of OBNUG.)

I put these together a few weeks ago, but then SDSU happened. And Bacon's ACL happened. And then I lost the will to get out of bed. But I got better. Especially when I remembered that this was a retooling year ("reloading" is never a term I could fully embrace)...and that 2015 was the year we need to circle. BSU: 2015 National Champions has a nice ring to it.


EatTheRich_royal (via pourfavor)

Being a "Blue Blood" does not necessarily mean you bleed blue. This was in response the the Wall Street Journal article featuring BSU a few weeks back. The hook and ladder (hook and lateral?) put BSU on the map...granted, we were widely regarded as a tricky, spunky upstart...but at least we were regarded.


BSU_V_Empire02 (via pourfavor)

"Your pretty empire took so long to build, now, with a snap of history's fingers, down it goes."
― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


BSU_TheHammer (via pourfavor)

Tough on opponents and funky fridge odors. This was just an exercise in how many trademarks I could violate in one shirt.


BSU_Paradis_white (via pourfavor)

I've got two tickets to paradise. So bad it's good...or so bad it's really bad. Either way, that hair had to be celebrated. Ladies, control yourselves...if you can.


BSU_MillerTime (via pourfavor)

Is there a receiver more clutch, a receiver with bigger, softer pillow hands? Maybe, but I don't know him. Just for old time's sake, and this has nothing to do with Matt, this Miller Time commercial ruled:


BSU_MBE (via pourfavor)

Ahh, The Experience. Not totally unlike the Jimi Hendrix Experience...kind of a trip. For the ups, the downs, the drops and the miraculous catches, we salute you Mitch. And, I can honestly say, I am happy to hear we'll see him for one or two more games. No more, no less.


BSU_Circus (via pourfavor)

Sorry Pete. I hope publishing the playbook like this doesn't land me on your BW-list.


BSU_DJ (via pourfavor)

What can I say that this video doesn't? DJ prolly taught Dougie how to Dougie.


BSU_BroadwayJoe (via pourfavor)

I won't pretend I was the first to come up with this, but the first in my crew (which isn't saying much). I've waited all year for Joe to wrap his camo-clad arms around this moniker. I think he's getting close, but remains an off-Broadway production at this point. Just off. Maybe he needs to rock a full-length fur coat, film a Brut commercial or invoke a pre-game ritual of visiting The End Zone for a few barley pops before kick-off.


BSU_FatGuyTouchdown (via pourfavor)

RIP FGT. Pour some gravy out for the ACL that didn't make it. Thank you Bacon. For the record, in case we cross paths, I don't think you're fat. True story.

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