Southern Miss.... Step up your Game, BSU?

"Hey, BoizeeFans! Yooohoooo, Y'all want to join us for a mimosa? Maybe some bloody marys?"

Y’all are really from Boizee? Really? Y’all say you graduated from Boizee? Ronnie! Get over here! These gals are really from Boizee and they really did graduate from there! Can you believe it! I can’t believe it! My name’s Cindy. Here, Ladies, have a drink. Y’all want a mimosa? A bloody mary? Really. Anything! Y’all just name it, weall’ve got it. What’s yur name, honey?”

Ah, mimosa made with expensive champagne and a rather hefty dash of Captain Morgan, at 9:15a.m., Hattiesburg time. An invitation to enjoy oysters after the game, win or lose. And then Cindy says “Arkansas really has hospitality. We went to an Arkansas game and never had to pay for a thing. Meals, drinks, nothing. For three days. I found out I really need to step up my game!”

Step up your game? Wow. I have never seen such hospitality. Ever. And by Ever, I mean definitely not in Boise. In Hattiesburg, rinse and repeat about 25 times. It was wonderful. We were special. 1) because we were wearing blue and orange, 2) because we live in Boise, and 3) because we were honest-to- goodness alumni of BSU.

Bronco fans, are you aware that University of Southern Mississippi is coming to The Blue in 2013? Are you ready to step up you game? Do we even know what hospitality is?

At BSU home games, I have walked among the tailgates set up in various parking lots and NOT ONCE have I been asked to join anyone, have a beer/drink with anyone, or even been said hello to by anyone. It isn't my deodorant, and I know I’m smiling because it is game day. My point is, It isn’t Me.

Is it Boise, Idaho independence? Is it the western ClintEastwood mentality of few words and never a question lest one be accused of prying? Were we standing behind the door when hospitality was handed out?

Whatever. Some folks might voice their opinion that southern hospitality is forced and expected and not genuine. Well, and the point is? Does that make Boiseites genuinely unfriendly?

Please, 2013 is fast approaching and we are joining the Big East. Should we have a seminar Hospitality 101 before we play, say Louisville, Houston, Southern Methodist, Memphis…? And what of our OOC games such as SoMiss?

Or is everything just dandy and you are happy with your tailgate group just the way it is. And honestly, that’s cool, too.

I just know that my cultural horizons were blown away last week because I learned so much (food, drink, history, architecture, geography, politics) about the foreign land called The South. What will Mississippians take away from their visit to The NorthWest?

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