College football scoreboard: Boise State's friends, enemies, and neighbors

LaTech's wild finish, Nevada's wild escape, and Dave Christensen's problems with people

Most interesting score of the weekend

Texas A&M 59, Louisiana Tech 57

Previously undefeated WAC pinball wizards LaTech took A&M down to the wire after overcoming a 27-point deficit, failing on the tying two-point conversion with under a minute left. The two-point try ended a 13-point spurt in the final two minutes by LaTech, and failing to convert essentially ended the Bulldogs' BCS hopes. But where there is sadness, hope. Boise State's BCS chances improved incrementally with the LaTech loss.

Other scores

Nevada 42, UNLV 37

The Wolf Pack trailed 21-0 and 31-14 before storming back behind Stefphon Jefferson's three touchdown runs and backup quarterback Devin Combs' two touchdown passes. The winner got a cannon, which is the ridiculously large prize that the winner of this in-state rivalry earns. Also, the uniform choices were gray versus white in a game played in blinding sunlight, so apologies to anyone who reffed and/or watched this one.

New Mexico 35, Hawaii 23

Boise State's three-point win over the Lobos will never look good, but it is at least looking better as New Mexico seems rather far removed from the MW cellar. For what it's worth, Hawaii seems to be cellar dwelling like a champ, dropping to 1-5 on the season (0-3 in the conference).

San Diego State 38, Colorado State 14

This game happened.

Air Force 28, Wyoming 27

The Falcons scored the game-winning touchdown run in the fourth quarter, capping a comeback from down 27-14. The score came courtesy of backup quarterback Kale Pearson who subbed for one play for an injured(?) Connor Dietz. Wyoming coach Dave Christensen would disagree with the injury and told Air Force coach Troy Calhoun as much in the postgame friendlies after the game.

What was Christensen so upset about? Dietz walked to the sideline after losing helmet and sat down in the field of play while trainers attended to him. The delay, according to Christensen, was a cheap tactic to give Air Force more time to strategize, which they did, resulting in the game winning touchdown ... with six minutes left. No word on what Christensen thought of Christensen for not using the remaining time to, oh I don't know, score to re-take the lead?

The Wyoming-Boise State game should be fun simply for Christensen going apoplectic every time Chris Petersen goes for it on fourth down instead of trying a doomed field goal.

Central Florida 38, Southern Miss 31 2OT

The Golden Eagles remain winless on the year, but technically got a tie in regulation ... so ... progress?

Texas State 38, Idaho 7

Sheesh, Idaho.

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