Mikrino's Pick 'em O Death Update (Updated again, with winning)

With only the National We Were Voted Here Game left, I'll update you all on who stands to win some Boise State Basketball game tickets, or swag from the Blue and Orange Store. It's safe to say it won't be me... or my wife...or Kevan. A view of the standings after the jump, and why only two people are still in the running, and one of them isn't a Bronco fan, at least I don't think so.

<!-- body content --> Mikrino's Pick 'em O Death! Group ID# 14242 "pick 'em all, watch one!" Your Picks:

Group Standings

Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points
1 Moto2.5 Moto 2.5 22 of 34 479 481
2 ConnorOSU's Picks Connor 25 of 34 476 483
3 Ebenezer Gerke P 23 of 34 472 474
4 PonyExpense CasketBase 22 of 34 454 455
5 whjdmum Ww 21 of 34 447 448
6 OLinemenArePeopleToo blorange 22 of 34 438 440
7 GlassHalfFull John 20 of 34 437 438
7 Colin Cowherd entertains me! Banjo 22 of 34 437 456
9 Picks of Destiny Ryan 21 of 34 423 424
10 RowdyRoss ross 19 of 34 422 450
11 Aved's- (see you @ the bottom) Brian 23 of 34 417 439
12 dougharper? Keri I 17 of 34 402 405
13 Neuter the BCS Spay Neuter 17 of 34 385 392
14 Hoolahan James & May Hate Club David Smith 20 of 34 376 377
15 Bronco in Coug Land John 16 of 34 367 368
16 zelf112screwtheBCS Chase 19 of 34 366 368
17 BroncoInDuckLand Casey Robbins 15 of 34 348 349
18 Kickers4Hire Mike 17 of 34 336 353
19 reflective picks Tamara 21 of 34 330 364
20 Munson's Ghost BSM 17 of 34 320 321
21 The Big East East George-Michael 17 of 34 312 347
22 NYBroncosFan NYBroncosFan 20 of 34 308 319
23 Luck Sucks LoqueID 17 of 34 297 331
24 Mikrino's Pick 'em O Death * Mike 17 of 34 292 324
25 Helmets & High Heels Jini 16 of 34 274 275
26 Why bother trying? Tim 13 of 34 249 274
27 The Final Computiny kevanlee932 0 of 34 0 0
27 hailey11 Hailey 0 of 34 0 0

As you can see, only Moto2.5 and ConnorOSU Pick's have the 1st place spot in their sights. And depending on who they picked it may already be decided. ConnorOSU has led most of the bowl season, and I wonder whether he wants tickets or Bronco swag, or simply the ability of keeping someone else from getting either. In which case I'll buy myself some stuff, just to stick it to him. HA!

Sadly, my wife and myself are sucking it up at 24th and 25th respectively. Why did she have to copy my picks? not to be outdone though, Kevan is making us all look good by not making any picks. Except for you hailey11, you have my sympathies.

The winner of this year's Pick 'em O Death can win 4 tickets to a Bronco Basketball game!

UNLV on 1/25/12

New Mexico on 2/4/12

San Diego State on 2/29/12 (LEAP YEAR! YAY!)

Boise State could potentially win anyone of these, or be blown out by 30. You get to choose. And for those who might play but can't make the games because you don't live in Boise or hate Leon Rice, you can pick from the Blue and Orange Store's online store the equivalent value ($70.00), and it will magically show up at your house!

I know, I'm awesome. And you're welcome.

Thanks for playing this year all of you. For the winner after tonight's game please email Kevan, Nick or Drew at tips@obnug with your info (Name, Mailing Address, and prize preference) and I'm sure they will forward it on to me. And don't worry about them slipping their address in all sly-like, I've been stalking them all for years.

UPDATE: Moto2.5 is our pick 'em winner going out strong with Alabama, and an army of field goals. He picked LSU, fortunately for him, so did ConnorOSU. Congratulations, and cheers to everyone who did better than me, which is almost literally everyone.

Until next time...

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