Boise State Appearances in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl

Much of Bronco Nation felt the necessity to boycott the BCS this year. If that describes you, I salute you. I however was intrigued by today's match-ups and succumb to my curiosity. Because of this, I felt it my duty to update you on any interesting tidbits you may have missed.

Kellen Moore gets his due: While talking about the accuracy of Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, the commentators gave a quick plug to all that Kellen Moore has accomplished and the incredible career he has. They noted his scary accuracy as well. I forgot to mention another instance when Moore reappeared. Credit to HSridge catching this. "Best comment I saw: graphic on Andrew Luck on red zone TD passes – 26 “an unbelievable number”. Then in small letters underneath they noted that he was 2nd in the FBS to Kellen Moore’s 30, which I guess must be “even more unbelievable.” Matt Millen to his credit, took the opportunity to complement Moore as a great QB." -HSridge.

It was also well noted by many irate frogs fans that Kellen got a ton of praise in the Poinsettia Bowl. What can we say? ESPN loves The Surgeon.


via "Hello, I'm Dr. Moore."

Stanford feels Boise's pain: I don't mean to bring out sore subjects... but I'm going to anyways. Stanford's freshman kicker, Jordan Williamson, missed a 35 yard game winner with 0:00 time on the clock. Instantly, I decided OSU would win. Missing a kick like that is a huge momentum swing. I would like to see the overtime win % for teams that missed a game winning kick in regulation. When he trotted out for a 43 yard attempt, the fate of the ball seem sealed. He shanked this one as well. Oklahoma State then nailed it's own field goal sealing the game.


via (After missing the kick at the end of regulation: "This is the worst feeling imaginable." Nope.)

This proves Boise's misfortune wasn't a recruiting error and it doesn't make us an illegitimate team. It's college football. Nerves get the best of people and chokes happen... even to the best.

Overtime gives a flashback to the 2007 Fiesta bowl: ESPN noted that only two other Fiesta Bowls had gone into OT. Miami vs. Ohio State in 2001 "And who could forget the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma? As you may recall the Broncos knocked off the Sooners in one of the most memorable bowl games of all time."

I, personally, think it's cool Boise is a big enough program they get multiple plugs in games they aren't participating in. To me, this is a sign of elite status. To dominate conversation in the Poinsettia Bowl is one thing, but to get 4 mentions in the Fiesta Bowl is another. I'm certain Boise's snub will be mentioned when Michigan and V Tech square off. I, however, am obligated to sit that one out. Hopefully it's a snoozer. As far as I'm concerned, the college football season is over. Good season everybody!

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