Bronco Nation needs a wake up call

Bronco Nation needs a wake up call


So, I have spent the past few days trying to cool down after the UGA game. 

"Why would I be mad after that wonderful game?" you might ask.

"Were the UGA fans horrible to you in ATL?"

"Did someone say something offensive to you or do something disrespectful?"

Actually, it was the complete opposite.

Bronco Nation did NOT represent itself well in ATL.

When calling my best friend back in Boise, 20 min after the game ended, one of the very first things I talked to him about was how TERRIBLE our fans were down there. Now yes, I do understand that there were many people wearing blue and orange down there that were not bronco fans, nor have any ties to the program. Several people that I talked to were either GT fans wanting to root against UGA, another SEC fan wanting to root against UGA, or a military member from Ft. Benning who just wanted to catch a good football game. And lets face it all of us infantry guys LOVE to piss of the majority, so therefore they were rooting for Boise State. I saw several drunken idiots (sitting right in front of me) that had no connection to BSU, they just wanted to root against UGA. This was all unavoidable. Yes those people probably gave us a bit of a bad image but those are not the people that I am so pissed off at. I am pissed off at the heart and soul of Bronco Nation. At least the Bronco Nation that traveled to ATL.

Let me start off with the very first thing that pissed me off. I get to my hotel (the JW Marriott in Buckhead) and one of the first Bronco fans I see is hassling a valet attendant over the high price per day of valet parking. It was $30 per day. $20 if you parked your car yourself. Now while this is quite a bit of money just to park your car and not nearly as common in the west as it is in the east, there is absolutely NO REASON to be hassling a valet attendant over the cost of parking. Especially while repping your school. #1 You knew when you booked the damn hotel room that you were going to have to pay for parking. #2 The valet has absolutely no say in how much it costs you to park your car. If you have a problem with the cost, go find an effing manager, leave that poor valet alone. And #3 quit being a cheap B/W that is giving people from Boise a bad name. You paid for 4 1/2 star hotel; you got a 4 1/2 star hotel. I was seriously embarrassed.

The next thing that happened, was not just one single Bronco fan making a bad name for the rest. It was the VAST majority of Bronco fans giving a bad name to the rest. When the Broncos came out on the field to do their warm up, the UGA fans very respectfully let us cheer our team in peace. They stayed quiet and did not give us any grief for cheering our team. Then, when UGA comes out to do their warm ups, what sounded like 80% of the Bronco fans started booing the UGA players. Booing? Really? The bronco fans were booing so loud, that they were almost louder than the 65,000 UGA fans cheering on their team. This was uncalled for. We were out numbered by at least 65,000 fans. Why try to create animosity where none needs to exist? Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of "those people" that preach about how unsportsmanlike booing is. I will boo just as loud as the rest, should there be a legitimate reason to boo. A player makes a late hit on Kellen Moore? I'm gonna boo. A certain duck player socks a certain bronco player in the mouth? I'm gonna boo. A WAC official makes a call? There's a 67% chance that I am going to boo. The other team coming out on the field for warm ups? Not gonna boo. Especially after their fans didn't boo our players coming out for their warm ups. Unless it's the vandulls. Then I might boo.

The next thing that happened, I simply could.... not..... believe.

The first player to go down on the field was a UGA player. And again, at least 80% of the Bronco fans present decided that it would be a good idea to boo. I was yelling at people to quit booing. I just couldn't believe it. I understand that the UGA player went down at a VERY convenient time, but you give the guy the benefit of the doubt. If they did it 3 or 4 times in a row then I can understand why people might want to start booing, but the VERY FIRST player of the game to go down you start booing? Wake up Bronco nation, this was VERY vandal like. To top it all off, as soon as the booing subsided the fans tried (very pathetically I might add) to start a BOISE! STATE! chant. I was sick to my stomach. When a player goes down, everyone shuts up and prays that that young man on the field is not seriously injured. When he gets up, you applaud. That is class. Anything less is pathetic and petty. These are COLLEGE athletes that are getting an education. Not some prima donna making millions of dollars. Bronco nation has done the BOISE! STATE! chant before at Bronco Stadium when an opposing player went down. It pisses me of every single time. How classless. People sure as B/W don't start the chant when a bronco player goes down. They show the concern that is warranted when a bronco goes down. These other players deserve no less.

The last thing that happened that was crossing the line was at half time. At half time, I went to the bathroom. While I was standing in the ridiculously long line, a kid about 20 or so, starts asking several different UGA fans if they would like for "us" to play SCAR for them next week. The score was 14-7 and the broncos had not even come close yet to establishing dominance, and this kid was running his mouth to the other teams fans. I expect this out of some rabid SEC fan that has been brain washed all their life to believe that anything not SEC is inferior. Out of a Boise State fan? God, no.

Now I don't think that probably any of you have ever met me. But I am a VERY abrasive person. I always have been, and the infantry only made me more so. I am in no way a "P.C." person. But I truly believe in giving ALL people respect upfront. If they decide not to return it, then they are fair game. Go get ‘em. Lay into them as hard as you please. But as Bronco fans that pride ourselves in "blue collar" mentality, and the kind of classiness that is Coach Pete, Kellen Moore, and the rest of our program, we should NEVER be disrespecting another fan base or opposing teams players. Especially when they have done nothing to warrant such treatment.

While I was in Atlanta for the 5 days that I was there, I was treated with almost complete respect. Sure there was some indifference, but who can blame another fan base for treating the opposing fans with indifference? And of course there were 1 or 2 UGA fans who spouted off some snide remarks. And there was even that one 17 year old standing on the street corner after the game, drunk out of his mind, that disrespected my mother as we walked by. But, SEVERAL UGA fans threatened to kick his ass and asked us if we would like for them to take care of him for us. My point is that UGA fans were a pretty classy bunch while we were down there.

I have read a few people say that the VT fans weren't very respectful after the game, or other things like that but I had no such experience in DC. The only fans that got in a fight were two VT fans that kept running their mouths at each other. I had several cordial, respectful conversations with fans from both teams on the subway ride back to the hotel from both games. I can only hope that UGA did not notice these slights against them (which is possible in SEC country where fans do very ugly things to each other). I hope the UGA fans were treated well by Bronco Nation while we were down there. They sure as hell were not treated with respect at the game. I never thought in a million years that Bronco Nation would act like some bratty little rich kid, thinking that he was better than other people. Shame on you, Bronco Nation. You have embarrassed me. Get your act together. Before you turn into a bunch of vandal or duck fans.




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