Post-game Potpourri with Tonto

Being the random observations of yours truly with our favorite resident Apache, Tonto.Yes, when they weren't marauding and carrying on acts of mayhem, rapine and killing, Apaches loved to watch football (fn. first football game was played in 1869, between Princeton and Rutgers; Apache wars went from 1851 through 1906, the last major one (Geronimo's) ending in 1886-the real depredations of the Apaches were directed against the Spanish, but they were enough of an impediment that the U. S. decided to decimate them). Where was I? Oh yeah, post game. Tonto and I like to develop some of the less obvious points as NUGies generally dissect game very well. Here we go:

1) Georgia scoring drives, combined, equaled less than 4 minute (3:58); no sustained drives.

2): Georgia did not get across 50 yard line until 10:23 of third quarter. From 14:23 of second quarter until 10: 50 of third, Dawgs did not get a 1st down (that's 18 minutes, 33 seconds. TONTO: "Oumpph!" (translation: manly affirmation of prodigious physicality). Dawgs were NEVER IN THE RED ZONE!

3) When your D-line makes 23 out of 52 tackles, you're going to be happy whether you go camping or not (that's a little dated, I know; TONTO nods).

4): Spencer Gerhke seamlessly replaced Kellogg. 3 sophs ( with Broyles & Leno) looked very good on our O-line. Gehrke reminds me of the Gurkhas, famous Nepalese commandos contracted to the British and known to be fearless, ruthless, effective and deadly. Fought against Argentina in the Falklands war, unnerving the Argentinians by their rumored practice of killing their own wounded so as not as to delay combat. TONTO:" Gurkhas got game; Gerhke too!"

5): Hate to blow my own horn (well, actually I don't in the least, but your supposed to say so before you do so) but I predicted the slot/TE style passing, though didn't think we''d screen so much. Efaw & Linehan combined for 9 receptions and a TD. Both blocked very well, especially Kyle. Saw Sosnowski out there but no read on his game. We were w/o Koch and Paul, which made Gabe & Kyle's blocking more critical. They came through. Plus their catches were things of beauty. Gabe's 17 yarder, with fakes off the end around, up the middle just before, was worthy of Mozart (hey if Gandhi can take a knee, Mozart can make a catch)

6): Gavins; excellent. I was worried about him but he played the game of his career (so far). TONTO: deep nod of appreciation; Apaches are little guys too, and had to take the fight to everybody. Jarrell did.

7):"I AM KYLE STRINGER" AWARD to Elkin; his stats are skewed 'cuz he was kicking on a short field a lot. Excellent.

8): Richt looks like Barry Switzer 40 years ago. Uncanny resemblance IMO.

9):"Stats are funny; they ain't money". Harper's stats don't look all that, but his runs of 16 and 17 yards came on our last TD drive, when we needed them.

10):"I HAD TO PINCH MYSELF WHEN I READ THIS-I'M AN OLD MAN" AWARD: L A Times:"There was no shame in (Georgia) losing Saturday to Boise State, a top-five opponent..." No shame for Georgia, losing at home, in front of 75+k fans-I read it over and over. and I think "back in the day..."TONTO: "ne're fach chem uoin Amrika" TRANSLATION:'back in the day, we owned America." 

11) Our 7,500 fans disrupted the Georgia O-line (several accounts confirm this and you could hear them on tv); hats off Bronco faithful!

12): Broncos had 4 penalties for 20 yards, including one when Paradis was in. That's as low as we've seen in a long time if memory serves. 

13) Hout took bad angle on Boykin's 80 yarder; Root did something similar last year. Ioane got upended.Not sure what Ioane was doing, running straight down sideline and not even trying to get to the play-that may have been a different TD, but rewatch and see if you pick it up.

14): Miller played like a senior. 'Nuff said. TONTO:"HIM GOT GAME".

15) Saw Burks out there, just as 3rd quarter ended. 

16) Georgia QB mouths "please stop 'em" at  7;24 of 4th; our 2 4th quarter drives ate around 10 minutes off clock. Our second one, although we didn't score, was around 5 and put nail n coffin. Not sure why Kellen passed.

17) Hazen Moss was everywhere on special teams. And Special Teams was everywhere; take a bow STs, and rec'd for showing us better at the one place by consensus Georgia was supposed to be at an advantage.

18) Leno was 18 yards downfield on Harper's dash to the one.TONTO: "HMMP!" (emphatic acknowledgment of respect)

19) Nice pullup on Potter's 49 yard return to avoid block in the back, but it was close, and unnecessary. No penalties on kicks, either side of the ball-whew!

20) Mitch had a good game. God bless him. Muffed punt; maybe we should let Chris handle.

21) Did we burn Dallas' shirt for one play?

22) Georgia dome kept playing "Paint It Black"-I get ref, but it's odd to use the Stones' funereal homage to death and loss (actually, rather appropriate). Got me to thinking about our song. We played "Gimme Shelter" at this year's scrimmage again, but it doesn't work. "Blue Moon"? Tonto, what do you think? (long statement I won't translate word for word, but he's suggesting an old Apache scalping song, very difficult to render, and only uses drums).

23) Did that idiot announcer say we lacked depth? What!!? We came in w/o our starting fullback, his backup, our starting WR, our starting safety, and one of our primary DTs. Did that comment come from the wrapper of his Bazooka Joe bubble gum?

24) Saw where we had 3 DEs in ; you can do that when one weighs 275 and runs 4.53 (Crawford), the other is faster (McClellin-my new Facebook friend) and the last is Root , who has really upped his game and should be an "OR" at starter. Root's playing like a man who knows this is his last season, and wants it to count. I said it before, maybe prematurely, but now I sense it' sgonna' stick-This ain't your daddy'd Jarrell Root.

Well, that's about it from here. Tonto, you got anything to add?TONTO:(glaring with look that says " I can't believe we lost a continent to you fools, remaining silent) No? Ok then-CIAO!

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