Ugh, I really try to be civil, objective, and open minded but sometimes...

I guess even I can get a little chippy sometimes. Sometimes, a person needs to be kicked in the pants. I've had my fair share too. This was on ESPN, my reply is at the bottom....


Bottom line is, we are moving forward as a program and each year we gain more momentum. Everything is trending up for us. Now, if we can just find a way to keep from getting locked out if this whole Super Conference Armageddon lights off.



jasonpaulstevens WOW!! You BSU fans beat one of the worse teams in our s.e.c conference. Thats amazing! Who do you play next???? Oh i forgot you dont play anyone descent the rest of the ENTIRE season... I mean realy your playing the worse schools in the country that even division 2 teams could beat and you think your doing something. You wouldnt even make it through half your games in the sec i would give you maybe 3 wins for the season. You suck!! Why dont you guys stop being such sissy's and actualy schedule some good teams to play? Get over it, until you schedule good teams you'll always be a JOKE! 1 Hour Ago ·  · Reply · Flag


  jimmyjoe67 3 wins, are you serious? I would like their chances to win the SEC East: Georgia had 6 months to get ready for a home game and got taken out to the wood shed. KY, Tenn, Vanderbilt, and Georgia are inferior this year. South Carolina and FL are on par with BSU. Also, you have to remember that every week, BSU get their oppenents best shot - it is the one game that can make their season. BSU has zero margin for error. 1 Hour Ago ·  · Flag


jackedup86 Not that I am high on Boise, but to their credit they do try to schedule tougher opponets for their non conference schedule. Problem is, the big schools won't play them for fear of possibly losing and therefore screwing their own chances at the title game. 1 Hour Ago ·  · Flag

  GerryInColorado Jason name one team on BSU's schedule that's even playing a DII team. Troll. 1 Hour Ago ·  · Flag

pjohn56 You are stupid, there's really no other word for it. Stop drinking the koolaid. Notice all the non Boise St. fans here pointing out how dumb you sound?  

Boise St. would push for the SEC East title, this year. They would be a danger game for both SEC West favorites, this year. And oh Dear God, if you gave Boise St.'s coaching staff 3 years of SEC money for facilities and SEC access to recruits I can't even begin to imagine what they would do with that.  
UGA is at least a middle of the Pack SEC team. You SEC fans' argument is always so incoherent. On the one hand, the SEC is the best conference top to bottom in the country and so good that their average teams could win titles in other conferences. But then, when an average SEC team gets taken to the woodshed they suddenly are cellar dwellers. What kind of argument is that? It's not. Go back to school and learn a thing or two about logical fallacies tool.

The SEC has two NCG hopefulls this year in Alabma and LSU, and LSU can't seem to pass the ball. Everyone else is just hanging onto their coat tails. Ever notice how some people are card carrying members of exclusive clubs but sometimes that's all they're carrying? That's you man...freaking pretender. I don't care who your team is, I got you figured as a person pretty good and it's not impressive...mouthbreather. 5 Minutes Ago ·  · Flag · Edit

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