Hatemay's Keys to the Game-Skeletor edition


The big bad Wolf(Pack) come to town this weekend, and the Boise State Broncos will be hungrier than ever to knock off the team that prevented us from going to a BCS bowl.

The Nevada Wolfpack come into Bronco Stadium Saturday with a record of 1-2 on the season.  The record, and Nevada's play so far have been a little deceiving and/or inconsistent.  Thus far the Pack have gone on the road for all three games up to this point, and Saturday makes number four.  The Pack were blown out by Oregon, squeaked by San Jose State, then almost knocked off Texas Tech.  The Wolfpack are using a two quarterback system, although Coach Chris Ault said he wants to go away from that way of doing things. (Devotees will recall my, along with Coach Stallone's stance on the two quarterback system.) To quote from Coach Stallone's coaching Tips 101 page 37, "I don't like the two quarterback system, it causes some confusion come audible time.  It also puts the coach in a bad spot late in the game on the final drive.  Which qb to play?  The one with the hot hand?  The one that is taking his series?  Which one?  I don't like it."


Looking at the stats, it is pretty clear which quarterback runs, and which one passes.  Senior Tyler Lantrip is the obvious passing threat, with 522 yards passing on the season.  Quarterback Cody Fajardo comes in 2nd in passing on the team with 73 yards.  Rushing statistics show Fajordo rushing for 197 yards while Lantrip has logged 122.  Take those statistics any way you want, I think we will see Ault use two quarterbacks on Saturday, but look for him to abandon that by the fourth quarter. 


Boise State Offensive Keys:


Finally establish the run.  We need to put our offense in 2nd down and 4 situations.  Nevada isn't known for stopping the run, or the pass. 


Let Kellen do his thing.  Continue to spread the ball to 7+ different receivers, and 400+ passing yards.


Once again, Shoemaker must have 100 yards receiving. 


Boise State Defensive Keys:


Hold Nevada to 185 yards rushing, 100 yards under their current average. 


Make them pass the ball to beat us.  This go around we have two corners that can stop the pass. We must stop the run on 1st down.  Last year Nevada killed us by always being in 2nd down and 5 yards.  With their down hill running capabilities 5 yards is achievable to earn with two downs.  We must put them in 2nd down and 8 situations. 


Force 8 Nevada punts.  Four in the first half, and four in the second half. 


Nevada Offensive Keys:


Rush for 300 yards.  This killed us last year.  They ran, ran, ran, ran, and then finally completed a few passes.  Running is their bread and butter. 


Complete the eight and 10 yard out passes that killed us last year... especially on third down. 


Score  40 points


Nevada Defensive Keys


Limit the Boise rushing attack to under 125 yards. 


Force three turnovers.


Keep their offense on the field as long as possible. This proved to be their best defense last year, because we proved we could score in a hurry, and the longer their offense was out on the field, the longer our offense was on teh bench. 


Last year we couldn't keep them out of 2nd down and 4, and when we did get a 3rd down passing situation, they completed eight to 10 yard out routes against a certain corner back that graduated last year.  Coach K needs to press both sides of the field with the corners to take away that route.  I would put Jerrell Gavins on Rishard Mathews.  Gavins has proven he can lock down a side of the field.  Look for George Iloka to force the quarterback when he breaks the pocket.  We must be out for blood.  We must kick Nevada once we get them down. My goal for this game is to send Chris Ault back to the grave from whence he came.  He looks like Skeletor and Dick Tomey combined. 








Yes, Coach Ault becomes the evil Skeletor at nights.  Lucky for us we play in the day time this year.  There is alot that can be said about Keys to this game.  But it comes down to assignment football, stopping the run, and not giving their best receiver a 10 yard cushion when we are backed up against our own end zone.  I expect this game to be the game we get Doug Martin 85+ yards and D.J. Harper in the 75 rushing yards area.  Kellen will have a field day as usual, but it all revolves around our defenses ability to stop the run and fill the gaps. 


Prediction.....  48-28 Boise State

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