Updated with New Pics! Games that Matter: Boise State’s Rooting Guide for Week Five

We begin with the game that matters most.

(4) Boise State (3-0) vs. Nevada (1-2)

  • Time (MT): 12:30PM
  • Coverage: Bronco Stadium & Versus
  • Line: Broncos by 28
  • Support: Our Boys in Blue

We all remember that infamous "middle finger picture," which was plastered all over the Internet after last year's loss. As much as we despised it, we knew it would come back to haunt the Pack. Thankfully, that day has finally come. I'd sure hate to be a Nevada offensive guard come Saturday. Even Mr. Badger is planning to avoid his morning tea sessions with Billy Winn this week.

To stoke the fires even more, Colin "Ostrich Legs" Kaepernick shot off this tweet on April 3rd of this year, ""Just saw a boise state shirt..... I used to get mad about it..... Now I just laugh and keep walking lol". That makes Mr. Badger's ears sweat with fury. Join me after the jump for more.

Before we get too excited and assume the Broncos will tear up the Wolfpack by 100 points, let us keep in mind the following... Nevada has been tested this season, having played (9) Oregon and Texas Tech. They will not be surprised by playing a quality opponent. Were it not for a last-minute 4th-and-4 conversion for a touchdown, Nevada would have beaten Big 12 opponent Texas Tech last week, and our Bronco fans would probably be giving Nevada much more respect than they are currently getting. Let's not forget, Nevada has played us close four straight years. Here were the scores after regulation:

  • 2007 (44-44)
  • 2008 (41-34)
  • 2009 (44-33)
  • 2010 (31-31)

See a pattern here?


Coach Ault's Pistol offense always seems to cause us fits. Honestly, I don't expect it to be any different on Saturday. Among other keys to the game, we've got to find a way to slow down their running backs' speed off the ends. If we don't, it's entirely possible we could see - dare I say? - a repeat of last year. If this doesn't cause you to cheer your lungs out (throughout the ENTIRE GAME - but especially on ALL 3RD DOWNS) Mr. Badger says he wants to meet with you in his den after the game. Hint: that's not good.

Let's just hope our players are not overlooking the Pack, too... although I doubt Coach Pete will have to do much to get them to play up to their potential this Saturday.


Part 2 - Opponents - hoping our Opponents do well is the purpose of this section

Air Force (2-1)

Opponent: at Navy (2-1)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: CBS

Line: Midshipmen by 3

Support: Falcons

Mr. Badger says this is the "Morning Tailgate Game of the Week". The Falcons have lost three straight in Annapolis; they will try to end that streak this Saturday. Playing at 10 in the morning (Mountain Time) after travelling across the country does not help their chances. Side note: there ought to be a rule against such a thing. Each school has a strong program this year. No matter who wins, we ought to honor each team's courage and service. Oh, and go Falcons!


(34) Georgia (2-2)

Opponent: vs. Mississippi State (2-2)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: ESPN3 & Fox Sports South

Line: Bulldogs by 7

Support: Georgia Dawgs

Hopefully Georgia can keep its fragile momentum going this week, as it plays its 3rd SEC opponent of the year. The pressure is still sky-high for Coach Richt to win games. Word on the street is that the offensive play-calling and special teams errors are holding Georgia back (Georgia let yet another fake punt go for a touchdown last week... Ruff). Georgia's defense and freshman running back Isaah Crowell saved the Dawgs against Ole Miss. Expect them to keep performing. Will Coach Richt ever get his entire team working as one? He'd better get it going soon, or SEC losses are sure to start piling up. Playing at home usually helps, but the fanbase is slowly losing patience with their beloved Dawgs. If Georgia doesn't get up early, expect home field advantage to backfire. Come on Dawgs! U Can Dooo It!


Toledo (1-3)

Opponent - at Temple (3-1)

Time (MT) - 10AM

Media - ESPN3

Line - Owls by 7

Support - Toledo Rockets

You might think the Rockets would be playing an easy opponent after having faced Ohio State, Boise State, and Syracuse in previous weeks. On the outside, it might look that way. After all, who thinks "strong football" when they think Temple? "Strong basketball" maybe... but not the gridiron. However, the Temple football team is now 3-1, including a narrow loss to the Nittany Lions and a beatdown of the Maryland Terrapins (yes, those same Terps that beat the U to start the season). With the game in Philadelphia, it's no wonder the Rockets are an underdog yet again. Can the Rockets buy a break this year? If last week is any indication, it looks like they need more money for their "paying referees to give obvious points to your team even when instant replay shows otherwise" fund. Let's hope the Rockets have saved their pennies. I'm joking, I'm joking...


This team obviously did not save enough pennies

(20) TCU (3-1)

Opponent - vs SMU (3-1)

Time (MT) - 1:30PM

Media - CBS Network

Line - Horned Frogs by 11

Support - TCU Horny Toads

In a series begun in 1915, the two schools - separated by just 45 miles - thought it would be a good idea to play for the rights to an iron skillet. Not sure what convinced these schools to play for a chunk of metal, but somehow the tradition was born. Dubbed the "Battle for the Iron Skillet", this game means more than just a regular W for the teams involved. With a 4-game winning streak in the series, the Frogs look to make it five. Here's hoping they do - not just for our SoS, but for Craig James' pride shame.


Now ain't that a fine lookin' skillet. Sure was worth my 85 boys fightin' 60 minutes over.

Colorado State (3-1)

Opponent - San Jose State (1-3)

Time (MT) - 2PM

Media - The MTN

Line - Rams by 3

Support - Colorado State Rams

If I were a betting man, I'd take the Rams minus 3 against the Spartans in a heartbeat. I'm not saying the Rams are a Top-25 team, but they should easily take care of the Spartans. Of course, this being college football, you just never know. Especially when Sam Houston State so easily took offense at our Yosemite Sam jab and took things out on New Mexico. Note to Self: Never, ever make fun of Yosemite State again... or maybe not.


New Mexico (0-4)

Opponent - vs New Mexico State (1-3)

Time (MT) - 6PM

Media - The MTN

Line - Aggies by 1

Support - Los Lobos

Playing its last non-conference opponent of the year, New Mexico has a chance to boost our SoS - in whatever miniscule amount it may be. Having completely blown all credibility in its loss to FCS opponent Sam Houston State last week, the Lobos hope to recoup and at least make it a game. A win would be even better. Having an opponent with a zero in the W column at the end of the year does not look good.


New Mexico's only season ticket holder

Fresno State (2-2)

Opponent - at Ole Miss (1-3)

Time (MT) - 7:15PM

Media - ESPN2

Line - Bulldogs by 4

Support - Fresno State Bulldogs

Mr. Badger calls this his "Evening Tailgate Game of the Week". A victory over an SEC opponent would do wonders for Fresno's SoS - and ours too. With so many close calls by our opponents this year (3 losses to AQ teams by 2 points or less), it's about time one of our opponents comes through. Ole Miss might be projected to finish near the bottom of the SEC East this year, but the SEC is still the ESS-EEE-CEE. Plus, Coach Nutt (the least liked of Mr. Badger's ex-coaches and also the last Boise coach to post a losing season) heads up the Rebs. While I normally encourage Mr. Badger to mind his manners (Houston did improve our Broncos from 2-10 to 5-6, and also beat Idaho), I'm allowing him to have a full-blown vent this weekend as he roots for the Rebs to lose and Houston to blow his top.


Grphh! Umphh! Wumphh!


Part 3 - Hoping for the collapse of all ranked teams around us is the purpose of this section.

(1) LSU (4-0)

Opponent - vs Kentucky (2-2)

Time (MT) - 10:20AM

Media - SEC Network

Line- Tigers by 30

Support - Kentucky Wildcats

Normally, Mr. Badger wouldn't pretend to think this type of game would be close. But LSU's showdown with Florida is the following week. And the Wildcats aren't horrible; they are an SEC team. And aren't all SEC teams supposed to be stacked with 4 and 5 star talent? With such talent, it's a wonder the Wildcats - along with all their SEC brethren - aren't perpetually ranked in the Top 10! This should be a barnburner! Five OTs! It's not fair than any SEC team should have to lose. Why are they forced to play each other? Mr. Badger is now frothing at the mouth. Give me a sec. It's OK now... Mr. Badger gets a little worked up every time he thinks of just how "tough" the SEC really is. I gave Mr. Badger his binky, a blanket, and some warm milk. He should be OK until morning. Until then, yes - expect the Tigers to crush the weaklings from Kentucky.


Always calms an angry badger

(2) Oklahoma (3-0)

Opponent - vs Ball State (3-1)

Time (MT) - 5PM

Media - Fox Sports Pay Per View

Line - Sooners by 38

Support - Cardinals

At 3-1, Ball State should present more of a fight than the line shows. Played the week before its annual matchup with Texas, this could be a trap game for Oklahoma. That's two potential trap games in a row, for those keeping score. Could both No. 1 and No. 2 fall because they were looking ahead? Coach Pete's teams would never let such a thing take place. But anyone else... you never know.

(3) Alabama (4-0) at (12) Florida (4-0)

Time (MT) - 6PM

Media - CBS

Line - Tide by 4

Support - Gators to crush the Tide

If the Gators take down the Tide, and the Dawgs take down the Gators, our win on Labor Day weekend will look really good. In a perfect football world, this would occur. Of course, we're a lot of snaps between now and then, but it never hurts to look ahead. Besides trying to set up the "perfect Georgia-Florida-Alabama storm", the Tide are also one spot ahead of our Broncos. With the game in The Swamp, expect the crowd to play a role. It's been a long time (for Gator fans) since they've been in contention for the NTG, so expect the place to be rockin'.


Florida-Bama should be a hard-fought game

(6) Stanford

Opponent - vs. UCLA (2-2)

Time (MT) - 8:30PM

Media - Fox Sports Network

Line - Cardinal by 21

Support - UCLA Bruins

Not only have the Cardinal jumped us in the polls, their "Mr. NFL" quarterback has the chance to beat our own Golden Boy for The Heisman. Now it's true, Coach Pete preaches humility and teamwork above all else. But that doesn't stop us from rooting for players to win individual awards. Plus, it would be a reflection not just of Kellen, but of his teammates, coaches, and program. I hate to root for any individual to fail... I'd much rather root for the opponent to play better. So in that line of thinking, here's to wishing that UCLA's D-backs catch six interceptions on Saturday! And return them all for touchdowns!


Again, not wishing for Andrew to fail, but the other players to do REALLY WELL

(7) Wisconsin (4-0) vs. (8) Nebraska (4-0)

Time (MT) - 6PM

Media - ABC

Line - Badgers by 9

Support - Huskers, in a close pick

OK, I've just locked Mr. Badger in his room with noise-cancelling headphones on. (I told him I'm training him to fly on a plane.)

This is a tough game to pick. A win for either team could come back to haunt us. However, the Badgers are probably the most underrated team in the Top 10. While it's true they haven't yet played a quality opponent, they're putting up scary-good numbers nonetheless. If they get by the Huskers, the only teams with a realistic chance of taking them down are the Buckeyes and the Spartans.

Because both Fresno State and Washington competed well with Nebraska, I'm much less worried about the Huskers running the table than I am the Badgers - especially considering Nebraska would have to get through not just the Buckeyes and Spartans, but also the Wolverines. So... wait a sec... lemme check on Mr. Badger to make sure he's still "testing" his headphones... yep, he is. Go Huskers!


Husker fans trying out their new binoculars

(10) South Carolina (4-0)

Opponent - vs. Auburn (3-1)

Time (MT) - 1:30PM

Media - CBS

Line - Gamecocks by 10

Support - South Carolina Gamecocks

As Georgia's only SEC loss, we want the Gamecocks to keep winning... for now start losing immediately. Beating an SEC West opponent will help; when After they lose, we want South Carolina to lose to an SEC East opponent (that Georgia beats, of course). I'm already I was confused, but my NUGGIES helped me see the light.


I've got it now!

(11) Virginia Tech (4-0) vs. (13) Clemson (4-0)

Time (MT) - 4PM

Media - ESPN2

Line - Hokies by 7

Support - VA Tech Hokies

Wow. I mean, I know Va Tech is good, but I was surprised to see them favored by 7 over Clemson. The very same Clemson that took down Auburn and Florida State. Meanwhile, the Hokies have taken down... let's see... Arkansas State and Marshall? The Hokies have yet to play an AQ Team; the Tigers will be their first test. I'm much more worried about Clemson running the table and jumping us than I am Va Tech. Plus, when Va Tech does good, it looks good for us. (see Section 6)


Never gets old, does it?


Part 4 Mr. Badger's "Mascot game of the week"....

(17) Texas (3-0) at Iowa State (3-0)

Time (MT) - 5PM

Media - FX

Line - Longhorns by 9

Support: Iowa State Cyclones

Mr. Badger never forgot the day Texas mascot Bevo stepped on his den entrance when he was invited over for afternoon tea. I tried to explain that Bulls are not the most agile of creatures, but Mr. Badger would have none of it.

This is as good a game as any to root against the Longhorns. An away game at a surprising 3-0 Iowa State team might even mean an upset!


Still looking for Mr. Badger's den entrance (Hint: You're standing on it)


Part 5 - Boosting the Strength of Schedule of our Opponents improves ours as well.

(7) Wisconsin at (8) Nebraska

Why We Care: Wisconsin crushed UNLV

Why We Care: Nebraska beat Fresno by 13; beat Wyoming by 24

Who cares about UNLV's SoS at this point. They're beyond a lost cause. Go Huskers! (see Section 3)

(15) Baylor (3-0)

Why We Care: Baylor nipped TCU by 2

Opponent: at Kansas State (3-0)

Time (MT): 1:30PM

Media: ABC

Line: Bears by 4

Support: Baylor Bears

The Wildcats just beat The U. Yes, you read that right. Plus, the game is in Kansas. Therefore, expect a fight for the Bears, and don't be surprised if the Wildcats pull an upset. Remember, the Bears aren't used to being favored - and the Wildcat crowd will be amped to take down a ranked opponent who's been getting lots of press lately. While a loss by Baylor would be bad for us, it would be good for Kellen's Heisman hopes. So, in a perfect world, RGIII is intercepted 5 times, but his backup comes in to win the game for Baylor anyhow. Come on, it could happen!


'Nuff said

(19) Michigan (4-0)

Why We Care: Michigan beat SDSU by 21

Opponent: vs. Minnesota (1-3)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: Big Ten Network

Line: Wolverines by 20

Support: Wolverines, for now

We'll want the Blue to lose somewhere along the line, just not now. They just beat our MWC frenemy San Diego State, so we want the Wolverines to "look good" for a few weeks. Losing at Michigan State on Oct 15 would be perfect!

(37) Irish (2-2)

Why We Care: Irish will play Air Force

Opponent: at Purdue (2-1)

Time (MT): 6PM

Media: ESPN

Line: Irish by 13

Support: ugh... the Irish Who am I kidding? I could never root for the Irish. Go Purdue!

With 2 losses, I'm not sure we have to worry too much about Notre Dame cracking the Top 14 and eliminating one of the "at-large" BCS spots (this is a worst-case scenario where we lose and are competing for an at-large). But 3 losses would definitely do it for the Irish. Watching the Irish lose over and over would rock!


I can't wait to see this happen over and over and over...

Texas Tech (3-0)

Why We Care: Texas Tech nipped Nevada by 1; crushed New Mexico

Opponent: at Kansas (2-1)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: Fox Sports Network

Line: Red Raiders by 7

Support: Red Raiders

Kansas just gave up 66 to Georgia Tech. This was after giving up 24 to McNeese State and 42 to Northern Illinois. Expect Texas Tech to run up the numbers and improve their record to 4-0.

Syracuse (3-1)

Why We Care: Syracuse paid off refs to beat Toledo by 1

Opponent: at Rutgers (2-1)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: Big East Network

Line: Orange by 3

Support: NOT the Orange

It's hard to root for a team that stole a victory, no matter the consequences... Our previous opponent Toledo Rockets beat the ‘Cuse last week fair and square. The players know it, the refs know it, you and I know it, and of course, the AQ conference that makes the final decision denies it.


Army (1-3)

Why We Care: Army will play Air Force; beaten by SDSU

Opponent: vs. Tulane (2-2)

Time (MT): 10AM

Media: CBS Sports Network

Line: Black Knights by 6

Support: Army Black Knights


And they complain about not being able to see US on the field???

Washington State (2-1) at Colorado (1-3)

Why We Care: Washington State crushed UNLV; was beaten by SDSU

Why We Care: Colorado beat Colorado State by 14

Time (MT): Noon

Media: Fox College Sports Pacific

Line: Buffs by 3

Support: Washington State Cougars

San Diego State's victory over the Cougs is one of the few marquee wins our MWC foes have accomplished this season. Sad, but true.


The Aztecs celebrated their first win over an AQ team in over a decade

UTEP (2-2)

Why We Care: UTEP will play Colorado State

Opponent: vs. Houston (4-0)

Time (MT): Thursday 6PM

Media: CBS Sports Network

Line: Cougars by 17

Support: UTEP Miners

It's a home game for the Miners, so you never know.

Utah State (1-2) at BYU (2-1)

Why We Care: Utah State was beaten by Colorado State; will play Nevada; will play Fresno State

Why We Care: BYU is our opponent for the next 12 years

Time (MT): Friday 6PM

Media: ESPN

Line: Cougars by 8

Support: Utah State Aggies

As much as we want BYU to be good for 2012, right now it's 2011. Plus, the Aggies play three of our opponents this year. Go Aggies!

Hawaii (2-2)

Why We Care: Hawaii was beaten by UNLV

Opponent: at Louisiana Tech (1-3)

Time (MT): 5PM

Media: ESPN3

Line: Bulldogs by 3

Support: Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Louisiana Tech is by far the best 1-3 team in the country, having lost 3 games by a total of 9 points. Expect a Bulldog beatdown in the Bayou. But hope for the opposite.


This guy hopes hard!

Bowling Green (3-1)

Why We Care: Bowling Green was beaten by Wyoming

Opponent: at West Virginia (3-1)

Time (MT): 1:30PM

Media: ESPN3

Line: Mountaineers by 18

Support: Bowling Green Falcons

Can the Mountaineers recover after a massive letdown at home against the LSU Tigers? Expect a muted crowd. If the Falcons can get ahead early, an upset is possible.


Part 7 - Upcoming opponents' strength of schedule won't do us much good this year, but it's never too early to start looking ahead.

(26) Michigan State (3-1)

Will Play: 2012, 2022-23

Opponent: at Ohio State (3-1)

Time (MT): 1:30PM

Media: ABC

Line: Buckeyes by 3

Support: Michigan State Spartans


Obligatory rivalry picture

BYU (2-1)

Will Play: 2012 thru 2023

Opponent: Utah State (1-2)

Time (MT): Friday 6PM

Media: ESPN

Line: Cougars by 8

Support: Utah State Aggies

As much as we want BYU to be good for 2012's SoS, right now it's 2011. Go Aggies! (see Section 5)

Miami OH (0-3)

Will Play: 2012

Opponent: vs. Cincinnati (3-1)

Time (MT): 11AM

Media: ESPN3

Line: Cincinnati by 14

Support: Miami OH Redhawks

Southern Miss (3-1)

Will Play: 2012 - 2013

Opponent: vs. Rice (1-2)

Time (MT): 5:30PM

Media: Comcast Sports Southeast

Line: Southern Miss by 15

Support: Southern Miss Golden Eagles


Southern Miss Just Keeps Winning

Phew! That's it for this week, everyone. Happy cheering.

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