Hatemay's Gamethoughts-Tulsa Edition

It was sloppy, but Boise played pretty good on offense and the defense forced four turnovers as the Broncos opened up the season on the blue with a 41-21 victory over Tulsa. 

I think it has been said enough already that the game was very "sloppy."  The Broncos looked like this would be a blowout in the first half, going into the half with a 27-0 lead.  However the Golden Hurricanes came out and put points on the board as the Broncos seemed less driven as the game faded into the night.  


Quarterback-  Kellen Moore was fantastic as he completed 79 percent of his passes for four touchdowns and no interceptions.  For the year Moore is completing 79 percent of his passes, which clearly goes to show that his performance from the Georgia game is a sign of things to come this year.  Kellen continues to spread the ball to different receivers at different places of the field.  I lost count but I think Kellen completed passes to eight different receivers.  The box score shows 10 different Bronco receivers grabbed a reception on Saturday night. 


Running backs-  Martin continues to run hard but the yardage isn't piling up the way it should, or the way we expect.  This isn't to suggest that Martin is losing his edge, there are other factors.  We have some injuries along the offensive line for this game, and being without Dan Paul is, in my opinion, the leading cause.  Dan Paul is a great blocker and clears the holes very well.  When we get Paul back look for Martin's yardage to get better.  D.J. Harper isn't netting huge totals but his effort, yards gained, and timely runs are very crucial to the Bronco offense.  Just when the running game needs a solid 6-8 yard gain here is Harper right on time providing a run through the opposing teams defense that keeps the drive moving right along. 


Wide Receivers- Tyler Shoemaker continues to find space in the middle of the field for big yardage and TD's.  The receiving corps continues to carry the load collectively.  As I have said before, due to the lack of a "go to guy" on the receiving corps, defenses struggle to focus on one guy.  Moore can go through his reads in  a flash and find a guy to hit.  No dropped passes, and our young receivers have displayed solid blocking on the screen passes or run plays.


Offensive line-  Kellen was not sacked, but Southwick was.  One sack through three games is very impressive.  We got bit by the injury bug on the line and we need more consistency by our line especially in the run game.  I noticed Chuck Hayes and Michael Ames out there for the injured lineman Broyles and Gerke.  Does anyone know what happened to Brenel Meyers or Faraji Wright?  Are they still on the team?  I would expect their contributions to be more but looks like others have stepped up.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but was there a Cory Yriarte sighting at offensive line late in the game? We need better snaps on the center/quarterback exchange.  When the quarterback is under center it is usually the quarterbacks fault, when it is in the shotgun it is usually the centers fault if the snap is errant.  Either way, we need more consistency on the exchange regardless of who is snapping the ball. And that also goes on Kellen Moore too.



Defensive line-  Got good penetration at times, but also failed to corral the injured Kinne when he left the pocket.  Our boys played well, but would like to see better penetration out of the group. 


Line backers-  played well.  Aaron Tevis made a very athletic play on the interception of the screen pass.  Clearly our defense is getting wise to the screen pass.  I did notice some good things filling holes on the stretch plays, but there were one or two were the line backers could have filled them better or took a better angle to the ball.  Looks like Jonathan Brown has taken over as the Nickle back and Dextrell Simmons got meaningful reps.  Looks like the speed and physical play of Brown has given him the edge in this position battle.


Secondary-  Great game by Jerrell Gavins.  He has made such an improvement from last year.  He goes from third down corner back, to lock down corner in a matter of a year.  He is in correct position on every pass play. He has displayed great athletic ability making the plays he does.  George Iloka missed a huge open field tackle, something he rarely does. It is good to see our defense do something we struggled to do last year-  catch the interceptions thrown at us.  Good effort from the secondary, we will need solid play next week. 


Special Teams-  Boy, lets hope that a game isn't decided by an extra point or a field goal.  Maybe Kellen or Doug could start kicking the extra points.  I do like our execution of the punt coverage.  Elkin puts the ball where the other team can't make a play on the ball.  Credit to him, and the punt coverage for pinning the other teams deep in their own territory.  Look for Special Teams coach Jeff Choate to continue to mix up looks on punt and mix up the personnel so that we can catch a team asleep later in the year.  


Overall, our defense played 4 quarters.  Coach Pete played it very conservative with Kellen in the 2nd half. We have the injury bug bad, we need guys to step up for us especially as we get into our conference play and especially with a big revenge game against Nevada.

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