Open Letter to TCU

Life in the Big East may not be what the Horned Frogs were expecting!  Join me after the jump as I address a letter to them.

Dear TCU,

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I never knew quite what to make of you.  I always did like that you were another school carrying the torch for non-AQ's, just like my beloved Broncos.  We commiserated before the 2010 Fiesta Bowl, after being relegated to playing each other so as to not threaten the reputation of any "brand name schools."  And I was truly happy for you when you won the Rose Bowl.

Still, I get the sense from many of your fans that you just don't like us, the Bronco Nation.  Maybe it was our victory over you in the Fiesta Bowl (or the Fort Worth Bowl if you want to go that far back).  Maybe you just don't like our Blue Turf?  Or maybe you just see yourself differently than we do...after all, you do have that National Championship from the 30's and used to be in the Southwest Conference.  You do have an athletic budget more inline with "Big 6" teams.  And of course, there's that pending move to the Big East.

Which brings me to my point.  Are you really sure you want to do this?  Maybe you haven't heard yet, but the Big East is not any good at allexactly the conference you were signing up for anymore.  Syracuse and Pitt are up and leaving for the ACC.  UConn and Rutgers may be close behind and West Virginia may end up in the SEC.  As far as football goes, who does that leave?  Louisville?  Cincy?  South Florida? don't think they're mulling their options as we speak?  Sure, sure, there's still some good basketball schools left, but guess what?  You're not a basketball never were.

We can empathize with you in Bronco Nation.  We just went through our own conference change, leaving the likes of Nevada, Fresno State, and Hawaii turns out to be for Nevada, Fresno State, and Hawaii.  We thought we were getting you, Utah, and BYU.  We thought we were on the fringe of AQ status.  It turns out that the grass wasn't that much greener on the other side (okay, okay, it's still better than the WAC I guess). 

Now I could go on and on about conference realignment...about how it is ruining the fabric of college sports...about how it makes the rich richer and the poor poorer...about how instead of giving us the equal access playoff we dreamed of, it will ultimately marginalize everyone except for the "power schools."  However, this letter is about you, TCU.  It's not too late.  Stay in the Mountain West Conference.  Think about what it could look like...Boise State and TCU, the two perennial BCS Busters Bronco, battling it out every year.  What a great rivalry it would be!  Not to mention Air Force, SDSU, Fresno, Hawaii, and Nevada...true, these are middle of the road teams right now, but they're hardly cupcakes.  Plus, they all have the potential to become much stronger, especially when the conference is being headed by two extremely powerful programs (a trickle down effect, more or less).  UNLV, Colorado State, Wyoming and New Mexico?  Okay, I know they're pretty bad, but at least UNLV has some basketball tradition!  Maybe we could even get some Big 12 castoffs (you could exact revenge on Baylor for what they did to you this year).

You're joining a sinking ship with the Big East.  I get the reasons you joined in the first place (obviously not for competitive football), but if things continue as they're going, don't count on the Big East maintaining AQ status.  Maybe it's not too late for the MWC.  Stick around.  You'll finally get that home game with us.

Respectully yours,

NYBroncosFan, on behalf of Bronco Nation

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