The Mikrino Poll: Tulsa and the misrepresentation of facts, made up by me.

Welcome once again to the Carnival Cruise Lines of mockery, homerism, and-flat-out-awesome-opinions-that-are always-right-and-all-you-people-love-me; The Mikrino Poll. This week we delve into why people always give Tulsa way too much credit, and why it's a bad idea. As always I'll poke some fun at the losing team's expense, and we will all celebrate one-sided beatdowns of MAC/CUSA/SUNBELT/WAC/BAD teams.


Tulsa, the Golden Hurricane. Always viewed as a formidable test for Boise State. A potential trip up along the way. Never has that actually happened but hey, we can dream right? Boise State is 5-0 all-time against Tulsa and typically they've played the Broncos close in Tulsa. This game is not in Tulsa. So far they have lost to the other two teams from Oklahoma, the #1 Sooners and the #7 Cowboys. And even though they piled up 482 yards and 33 points against Oklahoma State, when you allow the oppostion to pile up 543 yards and 59 points of their own it's going to be a rough road. Simply put, Tulsa is ranked 112th currently in Total Defense, 116th in Passing Defense allowing more than 320 yards per game through the air. Whattya think Kellen?


Like shooting fish in a barrel? Yep, just what I was thinking too.



Considering the fact that Tulsa's G.J. Kinne left Saturday's game, with what is believed to be an MCL tear, I'd say the Golden Hurricane is in for a demoralizing road loss at one of the most difficult places on earth to play a football game. Throw in that it's the #4 ranked team in the country, with arguably the best QB in the universe, and then add that they've already been blown out by two other Top 10 teams. Yeah, it's getting deep in here.

I don't really think Tulsa stands much of a chance in this game, even though Boise State's defense has not been what we've come to expect from it. The Broncos are currently 65th in Total Defense, and 37th in Scoring Defense. A a bit down from 2nd in both categories last season. So I expect Tulsa to be able to get on the board, but I'm also hoping that since it's the home opener we'll all get a show of strength from Broncos. Plus, I'm gonna be there, and it's important for people to do well in my presence.  That and I talk them up a lot, so let's not go ruining a good thing here.



Here's another GIF that I felt compelled to use since it is analogous to how I see this matchup going.

Note: Boise State is the bearded old dude, Tulsa is the corn-rowed thug.

EBM Epic Beard Man Mortal Combat










You're Welcome. YAY for old guys!

Onto the poll.

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