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Greetings, people of OBNUG. I want to rant just a bit, and I'd love to hear what the Bronco Nation thinks as well. First, who am I? I am a diehard Georgia fan. I was at the 2005 game in person. I've moved around but now I'm back in Georgia (which is my home state, and I did obtain my graduate degree from UGA for the record). Being a Georgia fan used to be simple enough, but this isn't a simple world. Anyway, this isn't about our struggles.

The Boise State football program is the real deal. They do it the right way, they are amazingly good not only at developing players, but at turning over and reloading quickly. If I were a Nebraska fan, I would somehow be allowed to applaud you guys for the extremely impressive performance you put on two weeks ago. But in the SEC, I don't think they let me do that. So, I'm kinda here on the downlow. You guys are really, really good. I'd still have to hear all the arguments at the end of the season based on the resumes of all the contenders (that's only logical, right?), but I have no difficulty saying that in principle the Broncos are a team that could win a BCS championship game if they had the opportunity to play in one. I sincerely, strenuously hope that any coming realignment of conferences does not screw your program over. Because we would all be the poorer for it.

But hey, speaking of being screwed over, my rant after the jump?

So, this NCAA ruling....yeah, I don't know what to say. A "lack of institutional control"? Seriously? For letting players sleep on sofas during summer practices? I know it's a bit more complicated than that, but honestly, this sucks. It appears arbitrary and capricious. 

Another big piece of self-identity for me is my politics. I am a diehard libertarian. Actually, really I am an anarchist. So I love me some free markets, private property (I'm a market anarchist, not an old school socialist-style anarchist), etc. I hate bureaucracy. But the NCAA really bums me out, because it is a private entity. In theory, I'd like to say they run their show in a way that puts government agencies to shame. But can I say that? No, no I cannot. 

After Bill Gates (barely) managed to fight off the anti-trust police in the late 1990s, he reportedly said the lesson he had learned was that he "needs to start paying more attention to what goes on in Washington." In other words, in this system we've got, you have to invest in lobbyists to defend your interests, or else your competitors will. When the pols look for a "public interest" issue to demagogue on, they'll go after someone who has left themselves unprotected. They'll pick out someone to be the "bad guy" in the press who does not have a large lobbying presence already.

One gets the impression that the NCAA works pretty much the same way. If you are a smaller, less wealthy athletic department, then you have little ability to sting the NCAA through public pressure and billable hours. Therefore, when they want to "make an example" of someone, they will choose you. I think we're at the point now where this sort of wickedness is transparent to anyone who is reasonable and not dependent upon the NCAA's corporate offices for their paycheck. In any event, I just wanted to let you guys know:  I see it, and I am sorry. A lot of us see it, and we are all sorry.

I'd say "blow up the NCAA and start over," but that would accelerate a big-program hegemony in the brave new world, and would hasten the day that schools like Boise get left out in the cold. As a Georgia fan, when the NCAA investigates a nonsense allegation brought up on a celebrity gossip site, and as a result had a player reveal his bank statements to them to prove his innocence, and then goes after him over something else those bank statements revealed, I get pretty pissed off and I think "let's try something new." Sic semper tyrannis, and all that. But as a Georgia fan I also have the reasonable expectation that my beloved team will always have somewhere to land, even in the most apocalypitc scenario. I honestly don't know what a Boise fan should want at a moment like this.

Anyway, I hope you appeal and get the scholarships and lost practices reinstated. This is an injustice. 

Nice job against Toledo tonight. Go win 'em all and give the country something to argue about, as always. (With our luck, we'll run the table and win the SEC, but with 2 losses will be the first SEC champ since 2005 to be left out of the title game...gee, who was the SEC champ in 2005? Oh, damn....)

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