Live from Riverside: Week2/Week3 2011 or Unfortunate remembrances that I am a scientist and not a sportswriter.

Come one, come all to Live from Riverside, your weekly ramblings that steal other people styles successfully or go off into random yet thought provoking tangents.  If you're new to this post, WHY? WHY WOULD YOU PASS UP SUCH A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BE EDUCATED BY OTHERS? YOU ... I'm sorry that was my egotistical alterego acting up.  I will try to keep him down.

And off we go!


A reminder to all those who watched the dismantling in the Georgia dome in week one:


Yep that was from the DERP-fest WKU vs UK but it holds true as our boys took apart the UGA defense and to an extent, the offense.  Looking from last week, I still think Isiah Crowell and Aaron Murray will have very good seasons.


Your scientific word of the week, if you are curious to look it up is: Bohr Magneton.


For those of you who didn't see my score prediction in "Predict the Score," tonights match will end in a 49-21 hemorrhaging of points for the Boys in Orange and Blue.  KM will toss for 4 TDs no picks and probably 300 yds.  Rod Gilmore's fantasy points will dominate Joe Tessitore's.


For those officially keeping count, I have my tickets for UNLV, FSU and in the process of getting for SDSU.  UNLV will be the most probable place for taigate, so if anyone's interested in doing so, email me (my email is in the profile page).


Nothing made me happier to see the Fighting Sioux beating the Vandals at halftime.  What would have truly made me overjoyed is if UND had finished them off.


Biggest WTBW moment of last week: THE WHOLE MICHIGAN-NOTRE DAME GAME.  

/drops mic


Archer is back on! 'Nough said.  For those of you old enough to watch this show, please do.  I guarantee it is one of the funniest shows on air right now.


For those of you basketball fans, you'll be glad to know that Ike Okoye (Boise State F) has been having success in the European Basketball league.  He is trying out right now for NBC, a team in Germany.


A tale of two Venable Brothers: Winston joined the Chicago Bears undrafted and made the team.  He racked up a solo tackle in Atlanta last week.  Lets hope he continues.  Will on the other hand (didn't play for BSU, but this is my post!), has had a very solid year for the Padres this season, batting .250 with 7 HRs and 26 SBs.


Back to college football: I thought last night's game was a very poor performance by both teams.  That being said, i don't think LSU will lose the 3 spot, but they might lose ground on BSU, especially if the Broncos can have a very dominant game tonight.

I want Oklahoma to win on Saturday, but i want them to struggle.

'Bama we can't do much about, so lets hope they look poor.


And that's it for today!  Poll below, and gif of the day:

funny gifs

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