Hatemay's Key's to the game-Holy Toledo Edition

This is not a stab to take away readers from Kevan's Key's to the game.  There will be a few similarities, because great minds think alike.  These are simply hatemay's thoughts throughout the week that come together in one pregame article..... Game thoughts- Holy Toledo edition.

Before last weeks Ohio St-Toledo game, I thought this would be a push over..... Then seeing that Toledo almost beat an over rated Ohio State team, I realized Toledo may have more weapons than previously assumed.  Toledo does bring some good things to the table which should make for a decent game, but hey, its a BSU game so I am not complaining.


Boise State Wins the game if:


1.  Must pressure the quarterback(s).  Yes, two quarterbacks are being used by Toledo.  I guess their head coach did not read Frank Stallone's coaching tips 101 page 37, "I don't like the two quarterback system.  It causes some confusion come audible time.  It also puts the coach in a bad spot late in the game on the final drive.  Which qb to play?  The one with the hot hand?  The one that is taking his series?  Which one?  I don't like it."  Look for BSU to mix up our looks but not get too creative.  Look for us to go back to the 4-2-5 base against Toledo.  They saw some of our different looks against UGA and they will be ready for us.


2. Limit WR Eric Page to 50 yards receiving.  Put Gavins man up all night long, let Taylor blitz, and Iloka give help over the top.  I think this can get Toledo's offense out of sink.  Eric Page is the guy that the offense must be run through.  Having Gavins bump him at the line of scrimmage and the extra help over the top will keep him getting into the rhythm he wants to in order to have a big game.


3.  Stop the run with 6 men in the box.  Our LB corps is solid, they proved to stop the run at UGA save on play with only 6 men in the box.  This will give our pass defense ample men to cover Page, give help, and still throw a nifty blitz in passing down situations. 


4. Kellen Moore throws for over 275 yards. 


5. Boise State rushed for over 125 yards.


Toledo Wins if:


1.  They force 4 turnovers. Yes, this is a tall order.  If the Rockets want to "shoot the moon"  they need to force turnovers and score points off those turnovers.  I don't see the Rockets putting together sustained drives all night to win this game. A pic 6, a fumble recovery for a  touchdown, or a block punt return for a touchdown is what I see Toledo needing to win this game.

2.  Eric Page goes for 130 yards receiving.  This would be a big night for any receiver.  But if Toledo wants to win, he must get the ball early and often. 


3. Force Boise State to punt the ball 7 times. Yes, I see Boise punting the ball 3 times in the first half, thats it.  Then 2 when the game is close in the 2nd half, and 2 times when the game is out of reach. 


4.  No turnovers.  Toledo must play flawless.  They are playing a great team, and in order  to beat a great team, gotta play flawless.


5. Hold Doug Martin to less than 50 yards rushing.


Look for Boise State to stretch the field a little bit more.  Now that we got that first game off our back, we know what to expect from our receivers, and our tight ends are making catches all over the place, we should have a big game through the air.  Boise will need to figure out who can get down field to open things up and get some 20 + yard completions.  Mitch Burroughs will continue to be handy in the slot with the out routes and jailbreak screens.  We will see more Wild Cat Grant Hedrick, but look for the Wild Hamster to be shelved.  I think we get in the bag in the 3rd quarter for a trick play, maybe Potter throws a pass out of the Wild Potter near the goal line. 


On a side note.  After the UGA game, I heard a lot of talk on the local radio about "well, Boise State is a good team, but the real test starts next week with South Carolina."  I don't buy that..... What they mean was, "this game wasn't important, it was an exhibition game, and we lost. No big deal."  I don't buy that.  To sum up my thoughts about each game every week, I yield to Coach Herm Edwards......


Herm Edwards "You play to win the game!" (via aarondesmarais)







Thanks Coach.


Final Score, 52-13 Boise State.

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